Lifespan TR4000i Folding Treadmill

Built to meet high standards for quality, performance, and convenience is the Lifespan TR4000i Folding Treadmill. With the right balance and mix of powerful drive system, reliable durable hardware, and smartly engineered technology, this treadmill sure has what it takes to make the most of your strides and to take any serious runner or fitness enthusiast to their fitness goals and milestones safely, efficiently, and effectively. So if you want to find out whether or not the Lifespan TR4000i is the treadmill for you, feel free to read on.

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Powerful Drive System

A long-lasting, high quality 3.25 HP continuous-duty motor powers the TR4000i Folding Treadmill, which is set to test your limits and maximize your potential with its 15 incline levels and a maximum speed capacity of 12 MPH. So as long as you have the power to run for another mile, you can be confident that this machine also won’t fail to run smoothly and quietly for you as you burn those extra calories, boost your cardiovascular strength, and build your muscles. The console also features large soft-touch keys so you can conveniently and easily change your speed and incline level depending on your appetite for workout resistance or intensity.

To suit different training needs and preferences, this treadmill is loaded with 2 heart rate programs, 2 customized programs, and 17 preset programs of which 5 are for weight management, 5 are for healthy living, and 5 are for sports training.

Durable Hardware

Enough space, support, cushioning and traction make for an excellent running surface, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from this treadmill’s 20”W x 60”L and 2.8mm upgraded thick belt with 8 compression shock absorbers that reduce the workout’s impact on your knees, hips, ankles, and joints. Built on a durable, sturdy, all-steel frame, this treadmill allows its users to make faster and longer strides even at increasing intensities, and is outfitted with an EZfold™ mechanism for easy storage.

Smartly Engineered Technology

The 6” blue backlit LCD simultaneously provides you with readouts of your workout metrics such as your time, calories, distance, steps, heart rate, speed, and incline level so you can accurately track and measure your progress. The machine also comes with contact sensors and chest strap with which you can monitor your heart rate.

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Other bells and whistles of the this machine include a media holder, a USB port, an audio plug-in,  5 Quickset™ speed and 5 Quickset™ incline buttons, Intelli-Step™ that works like a speedometer, Intelli-Guard™ that pauses the belt for 20 seconds when you step off it, and a 3-speed cooling fan to keep you cool as you workout. It also comes with an optional Bluetooth receiver that supports Active Trac™ and Train & Trac™.

And to top it all off, the Lifespan TR4000i Folding Treadmill comes with full and free membership in LifeSpan Club. Via the USB port, you can export your workout data from the treadmill to the online program so you can track your progress conveniently.

Lifespan TR4000i Folding Treadmill Review
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