nordictrack c 7.5 ellipticalNordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

There was a time when elliptical machines were only used at fitness clubs. However, in these modern times, you will find many people using such workout machines even at home. There are various types of elliptical trainers available at stores meant for people at different fitness levels. This is why it is important that you choose the right machine as per your fitness level. For example, if you are a first timer, then purchasing an elliptical trainer meant for professionals will be a sheer waste of money. Such machines will have tons of features, which will be useless for beginners.  Here is a closer look at the NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical.

nordictrack c 7.5

NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical – What Is It All About?nordictrack c 7.5 review

When you talk about elliptical trainers for first timers, you may come across numerous options. If you are not too sure which one to choose, then you may easily get confused. One of the best options for beginners is the NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical. It is an ideal for first timers and also pocket friendly. There are several useful features of the machine.

  1. The NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical comes with several levels of inclination ranging from 0 degrees to 20 degrees. Usually elliptical trainers in the higher cost bracket come with such a wide range of inclination options. The more the inclination the better will be your chances of working different muscles of your legs.
  2. The machine has a heavy 20 pound flywheel, which helps you enjoy a comfortable and smooth workout. It does not give you jerky workouts which is significant with various cheaper models.
  3. You will get 26 preset workout programs with the NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical. All the programs have been designed by certified trainers and as you choose different programs, the resistance and inclination of the machine also changes accordingly on its own.
  4. The NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical has a tablet holder so that you may watch a movie or listen to your favorite songs while working out. This will also help you stay away from boredom during your workout routines.
  5. The maximum weight capacity of the NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical is 325 pounds, which will allow fat people to use the machine, as well.
  6. This elliptical trainer also has 22 different levels of resistance, which can also be changed easily with the help of a button. Simply push the button and set the desired resistance as per your requirement.nordictrack c 7.5 reviews

There are several other features of the NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical, which makes it a favorite amongst different users. It may also be possible that you may feel like choosing another elliptical trainer for your personal use. This is why avoid taking hasty decisions and take your own time to choose the right elliptical. It is good to know that some of these machines come with memories, which can store data of several users. This means that other members in your family can also use the same machine easily. Since buying a good quality elliptical trainer is a good way to lose unwanted body fat and stay fit, it is important to choose the right one.

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Review
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