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Although exercising on an elliptical trainer is good for your overall body and health, sometimes it may prove to be difficult especially for people with joint problems or people who are quite fat. A suitable alternative to an elliptical trainer will be a NordicTrack Skier. The gliding movement on this machine does not pose any threat to your joints and fat people can also workout n this machine without much of a problem. The best part of an exercise ski machine is that you do not have to list your legs in order to workout.nordictrack skier

NordicTrack Skier

If you wish to buy a good quality exercise ski machine, then you may opt for the NordicTrack skier. It is suitable for both adults and elderlies. It provides the much needed workout to your entire body without harming you in any way.

Features of the NordicTrack Skiernordictrack skier review

  1. The NordicTrack skier can be folded and kept away when not in use. This means that you can save space at home by simply folding the machine and placing it under the bed.
  2. The frame of the machine is made of steel and oak wood. This provides a sturdy frame to the NordicTrack skier so that you can work out without experiencing any jerks from the machine.
  3. You can easily change the resistance levels of the machine manually as per your requirement.
  4. If you want you can also increase or decrease the inclination of the machine to suit your needs. This is done simply by adjusting the lock pins which are situated at the legs of the NordicTrack skier.
  5. The console of the NordicTrack skier provides several data pertaining to your workout such as total time spent on the machine, total calories burnt during your workout, distance covered, and speed.
  6. The NordicTrack skier also comes with a pulse sensor, which helps you to get your heart rate reading.NordicTrack Class Pro Skier

Benefits of Using the NordicTrack Skier

There are several health benefits of using the NordicTrack skier. Some of these are discussed below.

  • Perfect Workout For Your Upper And Lower Body: Using the NordicTrack skier requires you to move your hands and legs in opposite directions. This consumes more calories and also tones your arm and leg muscles.
  • Low Impact Workout: Using the NordicTrack skier provides an ideal low impact workout. This is especially beneficial for senior citizens and extremely fat people. It does not provide any jerks to your joints.

Usually, if you suffer from joint aches, then you try to avoid heavy exercises. You also tend to avoid using various workout machines, since these may hurt your joints. Thankfully, this is not true in terms of NordicTrack skier. This machine is quite gentle on your joints and is also a pleasure for fat people. If you talk with your gym instructor and discuss about your joint problems, he will also suggest using the NordicTrack skier instead of using an elliptical trainer. Use it once and you will surely understand the benefits of using it.

NordicTrack Skier Review
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