nordic track dumbbellsNordicTrack Select A Weight Dumbbell Set

Gone are the days when people used to exercise with dumbbells with single weight plates. In these modern times, you will find people using adjustable dumbbells. Most of you may have heard about such workout equipment, but very few of you know what it actually means. Adjustable dumbbells come with multiple weight plates. In other words, it is several dumbbells combined into one. These products come with sliding pins or selector dials. The pins or the dials pick the chosen weight plates and release the others on the storage tray. Adjustable dumbbells take up very less space and are very convenient to use.  Here we dive into the NordicTrack Dumbbells.

nordic track select a weight dumbbells review

NordicTrack Select-A-Weight Dumbbell Set – Featuresnordictrack select-a-weight dumbbell set reviews

There are several types of adjustable dumbbells available at stores. One of the new additions to this team is the NordicTrack select-a-weight dumbbell set. It has multiple features, which can surely make your workout session a sheer pleasure.

  1. The weight of the NordicTrack select a weight dumbbells can be adjusted from 10 pounds to 55 pounds. In other words, it has 30 different weights combined in a single dumbbell. No need to buy different sets of dumbbells for your regular workout routine. This single set will be enough for you.
  2. The weight selector technology used in the NordicTrack select-a-weight dumbbell set is very simple to use. You can easily switch from one set of weights to another and perform several types of exercises with the same product. You can tone your arms, legs, back, and body with the NordicTrack select-a-weight dumbbell set.
  3. It comes with its own storage tray. Once your workout routine is complete, you can keep the dumbbells on the storage tray. This will save a lot of space in your room and also make it clutter free.
  4. The handle bars weight 10 pounds and are ergonomically designed. This means that even after several hours of vigorous workout with the NordicTrack Select-A-Weight Dumbbell Set will not make your arms or hands pain.nordictrack dumbbells review

nordictrack select-a-weight dumbbells reviewAs discussed above, there are several types of adjustable dumbbells available in the market. These are made by different manufacturers and come with different features and price tags. If you are planning to use such a product at home and wish to buy one for yourself, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, make sure that your budget is suitable enough to buy the type of adjustable dumbbell you have already chosen. Next, chalk an area in your room, where you wish to place your dumbbell set. There are various types of exercises you can perform with dumbbells. However, for first timers it is important to seek proper guidance from a fitness trainer. Once you get acclimatized to using dumbbells, you can certainly go ahead and buy a good pair for your personal use. It is also important that you compare a few good select a weight adjustable dumbbells before you choose the right one. Compare them based on their features and prices. If you ever find it tough to decide, seek help from a friend or family member, who has been using such products for a long time.

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NordicTrack Select-a-Weight Dumbbell Set Review
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