onnit fulvic acidThe ONNIT Fulvic Minerals Concentrate for Greater Vitality and Endurance

Fulvic acid, which may be obtained from Shilajit, is an important organic acid that you normally won’t easily get from a usual diet. It has a lot of benefits, especially for adults, since it aids in several physiological processes and can help build a strong foundation for your body’s health. Not having enough of it in your system can result in low vitality or energy, imbalanced hormone and enzyme levels, as well as low capacity for absorbing essential nutrients from the food you eat.

People like athletes who have greater demand for increased endurance also have greater need for replenishing trace minerals consumed for producing cellular energy required for sustaining their bodies’ need for endurance. Apart from being a vital component for boosting energy, fulvic acid also helps improve our systems’ capacity to absorb nutrients and facilitate production and maintain proper balance as well as utilization of enzymes and hormones.  This is where ONNIT Fulvic Minerals Concentrate comes into play.

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Shilajit extract, which is the main ingredient of the Onnit Fulvic Minerals Concentrate, is a rich source of nutrients and minerals particularly fulvic and humic acids with medicinal properties used in some traditional medical practices dating thousands of years back. The Onnit Fulvic Minerals Concentrate uses a high quality proprietary Shilajit extract called PrimaVie®. The purified extract, which contains dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs) and Fulvic Acid, is harvested from the Himalayas and is processed using water. The Concentrate has gone through clinical tests and is said to provide the body with as much as 250 mg of fulvic acids.

The Onnit Fulvic Minerals Concentrate is dietary supplement recommended for adults with need for improved vitality. You can spread your daily doses and take it before or after meals. Just mix a couple of tablespoons of it with water and keep it refrigerated once you have opened the package. If you’re pregnant, a nursing mother, or if you have other medical condition and are under medication, you are strongly advised to talk to your doctor before taking the Onnit Fulvic Minerals Concetrate or any other dietary supplement for that matter.

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onnit fulvic minerals concentrate reviewsWith increased endurance, you won’t get tired too easily and you’ll be able to do a lot more, workout more, train more and enjoy more. With increased nutrient absorption capacity, you’ll be able to benefit more from the food you eat, especially if you’re conscious about eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods. With well-balanced enzyme and hormone production, your body can react better to physiological processes and also avoid hormonal imbalances that can affect your mood and other biological systems.

ONNIT is a highly respected provider of patented earth-grown and food-based nutritional supplements as well as other fitness products and equipment intended to promote robust health, optimum athletic performance, and improved overall well-being. All their products are clinically proven and tested, and continue to receive a lot of positive feedback and reviews from satisfied users including professional athletes and medical practitioners.

The Onnit Fulvic Minerals Concentrate is a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free product priced at $29.71.

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ONNIT Fulvic Minerals Concentrate Review
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