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In order for our bodies to function well, we need to have enough basic and essential nutrients in our system. These essential nutrients include minerals, which cannot be produced by the human body but can only be provided by some food sources. So, if the food we take lacks the nutrients that are necessary for our bodies to work properly and remain in healthy condition, our bodies’ physiological processes may be disrupted and negatively affected, and render us sickly, weak or ineffective in performing our tasks.  This where ONNIT Key Minerals fills that void to ensure total body health.

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Unfortunately, most of the foods available to us nowadays do not meet our bodies’ nutritional requirements, which then results in nutrient deficiencies that decrease our vitality and make us prone to sickness and diseases. As such, we miss the opportunity to accomplish more with our work and enjoy life more with our friends and loved ones. Instead of spending time doing the things we love, going to places we want to explore, and experiencing the good things that life has to offer, we fall prey to nutrient deficiency-related sicknesses. So, how do we address the deficiencies and bridge the gap between what our bodies need and what we’re actually able to get from the food we eat?onnit key minerals review

Two of the essential key minerals necessary for our bodies to function well are calcium and magnesium (both of which are the main minerals in ONNIT Key Minerals). Calcium is a critical component of our bones and teeth, and is vital not to just to our bodies’ skeletal system but also in the blood vessels’ vasoconstriction and vasodilation processes. It also supports other physiological processes like the production of hormones, transmission of nerve impulses, and contraction of muscles.

The Onnit Key Minerals features a proprietary mix of DiCalcium Malate (DimaCal®) and Calcium Bisglycinate Chelate (TRAACS®). These forms of calcium are said to be more effective than the more common calcium carbonate. Some researches also support such claim.

Apart from its patented form of calcium, the Onnit Key Minerals also contains molybdenum in proprietary glycinate form referred to as Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate (TRAACS®). It is an essentail trace mineral and it acts as a co-factor for Sulfite oxidase, which is an enzyme necessary for converting sulfite to sulfate. Sulfate metabolizes sulfur, which contains amino acids that are critical in the body’s detoxification processes. Molybdenum is also a co-factor for Xanthine oxidase, Aldehyde oxidase, and Mitochondrial amidoxime reducing component (mARC).

onnit key minerals reviewsMagnesium is another essential mineral that acts as a co-factor for different enzymes. It’s also vital in several physiological processes and in transporting ions through cell membranes  so the muscles, nerves and heart can keep functioning properly and normally. Magnesium is also important in synthesizing RNA and DNA.

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As with the calcium in Onnit Key Minerals, Onnit uses proprietary DiMagnesium Malate and Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate (TRAACS®) instead of the more common magnesium forms.

Another essential nutrient that’s present in the Onnit Key Minerals is Iodine, which is important in keeping the thyroid functioning properly to ensure regulated metabolic, reproductive, growth as well neurological processes.

ONNIT Key Minerals Review
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