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Precor has been manufacturing Precor EFX Elliptical Machines since 1995 and is the number one elliptical brand you will see in your local gyms.  They were the first company to ever introduce an Elliptical Trainer and they provide equipment to not only health clubs but also bring club-quality equipment to your home.  All of Precor’s machines are built with commercial performance in mind, even the ones for home use so you know you are getting a truly quality piece of equipment.  The patented Precor Crossramp allows you to target specific muscles.

The Precor Ellipticals are designed for the ultimate personalized experience.  One key feature is the handlebars which can be stationary so you can focus on your lower half or move with you like typical elliptical machines.  The Lifetime warranty on the frame is no joke.  They know they can offer this because they have tested their ellipticals to withstand more than nine million strides and know they will stand up over time.

With 9 different elliptical models to choose from your are sure to find a Precor Eliptical that fits your fitness needs as well as you budget.

Precor Elliptical Reviews

Precor EFX 546Precor EFX 221 Energy Series

This is the lowest priced model in the Precor Elliptical line and the most basic as well.

  • CrossRamp Tech
  • Most reliable brand of elliptical machines – trusted by Gyms, Colleges, Hotels/Spas and People across the globe
  • Variable Stride Geometry
  • Handlebars are stationary at all time

Precor EFX

CrossRampPrecor EFX 222 Energy Series

This is the step up from the EFX 221

  • Reliability of Precor
  • This model comes with the moving handlebars
  • Wireless monitoring of heart rate
  • ten pre-loaded workouts
  • 16 levels of resistance

Precor Elliptical For Sale

Precor EFX 5.25Precor EFX 225 Energy Series

This is the first price point model that comes with the automatic CrossRamp.  The other less expensive models are manual.

  • Motorized Ramp
  • Comes with a warranty for life on the frame and five years for the parts
  • Magnetic resistance

Elliptical Precor

Precor Elliptical ReviewsPrecor EFX 245 Energy Series

This is the top of the line and most expensive Energy Series Elliptical by Precor

  • CrossRamp – Auto
  • 25 pre-loaded exercises for you to enjoy
  • up to four user profiles
  • Lifetime frame and 5 year parts warranty

Precor EFX 5.33

Precor ElipticalPrecor EFX 423 Precision Series

This is the lowest priced model in the Precision Series.  The goal of the Precision Series is to provide a personalized exercise experience in order to save precious time and give you greater results.

  • Holder for your phone or tablet
  • Inspired by the commercial models
  • Greater CrossRamp – up to 40 degree incline
  • Fixed-Only Handlebars
  • 20 levels of resistance

Precor crossramp

Cross RampPrecor EFX 425 Precision Series

This is the mid-range model in the Precision Series of Precor Ellipticals

  • twenty levels of resistance
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and 10 years for parts
  • Electro Magnetic System
  • Wireless Monitoring of your HR
  • Moving Handlebars

Precor EFX Elliptical

Precor Elliptical MachinesPrecor EFX 447 Precision Series

The Precision Series high-end model is the first model in the Precor Elliptical offerings that comes with the handlebars that can be stationary as well as moveable.

  • Transmits HR wirelessly
  • 40 Degree Max Ramp
  • 27 Metrics Tracked
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • 7 inch color monitor

Precor Cross Trainer

Precore EllipticalPrecor EFX 833 Experience Series

The Experience Series Elliptical Machines are the same models that you are used to finding in your health club.  This is the true commercial series.  All the bells and whistles are included in the Experience Series

  • Fixed-Only Handlebars – no moving
  • Automatically adjusting incline up to 40 degrees
  • ten programs
  • Reverse the Rotation of the Pedals

Precor Elliptical Trainer

Precor EllipticalPrecor EFX 835 Experience Series

This is the top of the line model of ALL the Precor Ellipticals and has the price tag to prove it.  Although expensive it comes with everything you could possibly ask for

  • Moving or Fixed Handlebars
  • 15 pre-loaded workouts
  • Lifetime frame warranty and parts 10 year
  • Reverse the pedal path
  • LED display

Precor Ellipticals

All about Precor Ellipticals That You Ever Wanted To Know

Do you often get out of breath while walking for a few minutes? Do you think that you are getting fat and your garments are shrinking in size? Then it is time to thin down and get back in shape. Brisk walking and occasional jogging are good ideas to lose that unwanted body fat. However, in this hectic world, very few people get the time to go out every day for their daily morning walk schedules. This is why the demand for various types of exercise equipment has gone up in these recent times. You will often find people using spin bikes, elliptical machines, and treadmills at home or at office in order to workout whenever they get the time.

A Bit about Precor Ellipticals

There are several manufacturers of elliptical machines in the market. Precor is one of the popular companies, which has been in this industry for a long time. The company specializes in manufacturing various types of fitness machines both for gym and home use. Whether you need an elliptical for home or professional use, you will find that all their machines are quite similar. That means that even if you buy one for your personal use, you will get the same professional results out of the machine.

Types of Precor Ellipticals

If you do some research about the types of ellipticals manufactured by Precor, you will notice that they have a wide range of such machines. Some of the popular ranges have been discussed below.

  1. CrossRamp Series: This series of elliptical machines make use of a special technology. This helps the ramp of the ellipticals to easily mold as per your feet. As a result of this, the chances of you getting injured during workout gets minimal and you can easily maintain a long lasting result without following a low-impact exercise routine. This custom fit series allows users to enhance their endurance and strength as per their own capabilities.
  2. Rear Drive Series: If you are looking for pocket friendly elliptical machines, then the rear drive series will be the most suitable option for you. These elliptical machines also provide a highly effective and result oriented workouts for people who love challenges. The stride of a Precor elliptical, which falls in this series, makes a person feel as if he is walking or running during his workout.
  3. AMT or Adaptive Motion Trainer Series: The AMT series ellipticals make use of a specially designed suspension system. This helps a user feel as if he is walking or running in mid-air. These ellipticals are a perfect combination of a stair-climber, elliptical, and treadmill. This combination helps users get the desired results and also stay fit and strong.
  4. Precision Series: The ellipticals from the Precision series were initially used at gyms. These machines soon made their way from gyms to homes. The Precision series machines are suitable for all types of users and come with a durable frame and plenty of challenges for users.

Tips To Buy the Right Precor Elliptical

If you talk about fitness machines, then the ellipticals are considered to be one of the most popular and fastest growing equipment in the market. You can perform a wide variety of workouts on such a machine and it is suitable for first timers, as well as, professionals. Buying a new elliptical may sound like a very simple task to you. In reality it is not so simple. There are a wide variety of ellipticals in the market. Which one to choose, is a tough question to answer. Here are some tips to help you in buying the right elliptical.

  1. Think About Your Goals: Before you even commence your search for a suitable Precor elliptical, think properly about your personal exercise goals. If your family members are also going to use the same workout machine, then you should also consider their goals. Usually senior citizens prefer to use smooth elliptical machines, whereas, younger people will opt for a non-impact machine.
  2. Do Extensive Homework Online: There are several companies which make elliptical machines. In order to get a proper knowledge about such machines and also be able to choose the right one easily, you should do extensive research work on elliptical on the internet. Read about the user reviews, check the ratings of different types of ellipticals and then decide upon a suitable one.
  3. Level Of After Sales Service You Require: If you wish to get the best possible after sales services for your Precor elliptical, then you will have to buy a suitable machine from a licensed fitness retailer. Many people opt for online purchases when it comes to workout machines. This is simply because online shopping websites provide great discounts. However, when it comes to after sales services, you may have to find out more about the topic before you purchase online.
  4. Get An Idea About The Best Places To Purchase: Once you have decided upon a specific elliptical, the next step is to decide where to buy the machine from in your city. Visit the websites of the different manufacturers and make a list of their licensed sellers.
  5. Test the Machine: Before you pay for a Precor elliptical, always test the machine the exact same way you would use it at home. Use different programs and test it at different speeds. Once you have tried it for quite some time using various pre-set programs, check to see if you found anything wrong with the model. Purchase it only when you are 100% satisfied with the machine.

Features in an Elliptical You Should Look For

Different elliptical machines come with different features. However, all the features may not be useful for all users. When you shop for a Precor elliptical, always check for the features in the machine which will be useful to you. If you are a first time buyer, then you may not know much about such features. Here are some of them to help you make the right choice.

  • Elliptical Motion Should Be Smooth: While searching for a suitable Precor elliptical, always look for one which provides a smooth elliptical movement for your legs in both backward and forward directions. It is good for you to know that a smooth elliptical motion helps you feel as if you are walking or running on the machine. Try to avoid any machine which provides a bounce or kick to your motion. This may injure your body with time.
  • Machine with An Adjustable Incline: If you work out on an elliptical, which has the feature of an adjustable incline, then it will help you to focus on different muscle groups of your body. This way, you can add variety to your exercise routines. If you can avoid boredom in your workout routines, it will help you get more motivated and also help you to push yourself to newer heights.
  • Movement Should Be Natural: Not every elliptical can provide a natural movement of your body. This is an important feature in such machines. The best way to check this is to try a few ellipticals for around 20 minutes. Make a note of the fact that you should not have to reach out to the handrails and you should not feel tired around your hip or knee region.
  • Should Operate Without Much Noise: Many ellipticals have a tendency of making a noise during operation. Such noise can get very irritating after a few days. Always look for a machine which does not make much noise during its operation. It should run in a smooth and quiet manner.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Always search for a Precor elliptical which comes with an adjustable resistance system. Such a feature will help you use the machine for a long time. Usually high end ellipticals come with this feature and is suitable for all types of users.
  • Should Have Both Backward And Forward Movement Features: If you use an elliptical the same way all the time, then it may give rise to repetitive use injuries in your body. This is why always look for a machine which comes with both the backward and forward movement features. This will also add challenge and variety to your exercises.

Maintenance of a Precor Elliptical

You may buy a good quality elliptical, for your personal use, out of a sudden rise of will power to get back in shape. You may also use it on a regular basis in order to reach your goal. However, did you know that regular maintenance of such machines is also critical? It not just ensures the longevity of an elliptical, it also helps the machine to operate smoothly for many days to come. Here are some ideas to help you maintain your beloved machine properly.

  1. Wipe Off Your Perspiration: After every use, you should use a dry piece of cloth to wipe your perspiration off from the elliptical. If you ignore this, then the accumulated perspiration may damage the metallic frame of your machine. Carry a clean and dry piece of cloth with your during your workout routines so that you can wipe off the machine immediately after every workout.
  2. Check for Loose Screws: After regular use of your machine, some of the bolts and screws may get loose. If you do not take care of them on time, it may prove to be a cause of a serious accident in the long run. This is why it is always a good idea to tighten all loose screws and bolts from time to time. This will ensure that your elliptical gives you great service for a long time.
  3. Lubricate Occasionally: Dirt and dust, which accumulate on various movable parts of your machine, may render the elliptical useless if you do not take good care of it. This is why it is always a good idea to use a good oil or grease to lubricate the different movable parts of the machine. It will help to ensure that the elliptical operates smoothly.

Points To Consider When You Purchase Online

Many people prefer to shop for almost everything under the sun from the internet. Although this is a good way to shop, it may also involve some risks if you are not careful. Here are some factors to keep in your mind when you decide to buy a Precor elliptical online.

  1. Choose A Genuine Shopping Site: There are many websites, which sell various types of products online. However, not every site is equally reliable and genuine. It is always safe to shop from websites which have a good reputation and also provides adequate security while performing any monetary transactions online.
  2. Check for The Varieties of Products: In this fast paced world, many people remain busy with their professional lives. As a result of this they often fail to shop from physical stores. This is a major factor for the rising popularity of online shopping. When you go online to buy a Precor elliptical, always search for a shopping website which sells a wide variety of ellipticals to choose from. This will save you time and also the effort of search through different shopping sites.
  3. Check for The Various Modes of Payments: Always choose a site which provides several modes of payments for their online customers. This is quite a beneficial factor for those people, who do not have a credit card or whose cards are inactive due to some reason.

Precor ellipticals are one of the best in the market. Although their products are suitable for all types of users, it is also important to take timely care of the machine. Choose your new machine carefully and with tons of time in hand. If you make a hasty decision, then it may result in a serious mistake. It is also good to note that no elliptical is designed to give you positive results overnight. Thus, both patience and time play a critical role in getting the desired results from your new and beloved elliptical workout machine.

Precor EFX Elliptical Machine Reviews
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