Pro-Form 14.0 EX Upright Bike

Looking for motivation while doing your training? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Introducing the Pro-Form 14.0 EX Upright Bike with features that will simply blow you away, training has never been more engaging and fun.

Forget the need for a personal trainer breathing down your neck. This bike comes with up to 32 workout applications that are designed with the input of top certified trainers. Now you can go it solo and watch yourself gradually develop the well-toned body you have always wanted at the convenience of your home.

On the handles, there are pulse sensors that track your heart rate and display the information on the LCD screen in front of you. Speaking of the display screen, it comes in a large 7 inches of full colour that makes it extremely simple to keep count of your workout statistics such as heart rate, calorie burn, time, speed and distance. This display screen features iFit technology bringing google maps right at your fingertips. You can have fun as you cycle anywhere on the globe from France to Italy to Austria.

The Pro-Form 14.0 EX Upright Bike keeps true to its word of being an indoors, space saving training machine. With its front wheels, simply move it from one location to the next without any hassle. When you are cycling, you never have to worry about noise thanks to its Magnetic Resistance (SMR) design. You can watch your favourite TV shows as you exercise. The specially constructed crank system creates a more realistic feel. Add the clutch and you have an all rounded smooth ride.

Comfortable sitting is important if you are going to take your training to a new level. The pro-Form 14.0 EX has this covered with an easy to adjust seat that has extra cushioning to give you best experience. With up to 26 resistance levels, you always have an extra mile to cover guaranteeing that you will achieve your desired physique.

Convenience is the name of the game with added facilities that make this bike a complete package. It has a bottle holder that helps to keep you hydrated as well as an adjustable fan to keep you cool. Keep your music with you throughout your training regime thanks to the tablet and smartphone holder. This bike can run on both batteries and electricity depending on your proximity to a power outlet.

To keep your feet securely in place, the pedals are non-slip with added straps providing safety during intense training.

Product features

  • 7-inch multifunction display screen that keeps count of heart rate, calorie burn, speed, distance and time
  • Integrated bottle holder to help keep you hydrated
  • Adjustable fan to keep cool
  • Non-slip pedals with straps for secure fit
  • Pulse sensors on handle bars to track heart rate
  • Crank and clutch system for a natural feel
  • Integrated smart phone and tablet holder means that you always have your music when training
  • Adjustable seat to cater for any size
  • Up to 300lb maximum user capacity
  • Magnetic Resistance technology eliminating noise.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Water holder helps you keep hydrated without having to interrupt your training
  • Quiet operation
  • Smart phone holder brings your music to your training


  • Price may be high for some people
Pro-Form 14.0 EX Upright Bike
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