Quiet Mind Plus Review

Quiet Mind Plus is a brain function supplement. Its aim is to improve condition such as memory loss which comes with age for many people. It also aims to aid with dementia or Alzheimer`s or other known brain issues.

Most of the problems like memory loss seem to be caused by aging. Since the functions of the brain may begin to slow down it is also true that sometimes the brain doesn`t get the right nutrients from our daily caloric intake. Even if we do eat varied sources of food, we might end up with not enough nutrients to what is required every day.

Nootropic supplements have started to become more and more popular, especially for people with symptoms like memory loss. The Quiet Mind Plus comes with some proven ingredients being one of the most scientifically-based products in the range.

The supplement comes with Vitamin B6 and B12. These two vitamins have become a staple of the nootropic solutions market for a reason. They are backed by solid evidence on performance. The effect on the brain seems to be one of amplification, acting like an intensifier.

Green tea extract has the possibility of improving focus but it can also add energy and this is why it might be a good idea to avoid taking the supplement in the evening or before going to bed.

Another natural extract comes from the olive leaves. They play a role in keeping the brain away from strokes. Closely tied is the Hawthorn berry extract which seems to be a natural solution against panic attacks. Another natural extract with potential benefits to brain health is the garlic extract. But the supplement also comes with Niacin.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin can improve cognitive functions of the brain. Although it is rare to see Niacin deficiencies, some diets might not be balanced enough to sustain the required daily intake. It is usually in underdeveloped countries where people tend to eat foods based on a corn diet where Niacin deficiencies tend to occur. There are other ingredients which also have a cleansing role in the brain, such as Uva Ursi and Quiet Mind Plus seem to cover the required dosage.


  • Many proven ingredients
  • Different packaging options
  • Also aimed at the relationship with the ears


  • Mixed results in conditions such as tinnitus

The supplement`s ingredients seem to tackle the brain and the memory but they also tackle the relationship with the ear. Since many ear conditions can be transferred to the brain, it may be a good solution in the long-term use. But curing conditions such as tinnitus in a matter of hours is still highly debated. It remains to be seen if most users will report any actual improvement in such conditions. In many cases it might just be the placebo effect with the supplement.

Of course the question remains on when to take the supplement and this could be discussed either directly with the company or with your specialized doctor.

Quiet Mind Plus Review
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