Stamina Avari Magnetic Treadmill Review

Staying fit doesn’t have to be expensive, and with the budget-friendly Stamina Avari Magnetic Treadmill, you can even do it at the comfort of your own home. Considering its built, design and features, this treadmill surely has much to offer in terms of durability, capacity and functionality. To know more about it, let’s go take a close and quick look at it.

Pull Up Bars


Weighing 60 pounds and with dimensions of 47 x 26 x 44 inches, the Avari Magnetic Treadmill with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds comes with a sturdy construction and is outfitted with a solid steel oval tube frame and dual weighted flywheel.


As with other non-motorized treadmills, the kind and intensity of the workout you’ll be able to do with the Avari Magnetic would depend on your pace. For low-intensity exercises, you can walk at a normal pace and then, depending on your training goals and needs, increase the intensity by jogging or running, which can help you burn more calories, boost your cardiovascular strength, and build your muscles. The low noise generated by this manually-powered treadmill is one of its advantages over motorized ones.

Pull Up Bars

Resistance & Incline

To keep you challenged and interested, this treadmill comes with 8 adjustable magnetic resistance levels, from which you can choose anytime you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. To suit your training needs and preferences, you can simply raise or lower the resistance level by using the easy-to-turn tension knob when you workout.  The treadmill’s incline level is fixed at 8 degrees.

Console & Display

For a more efficient and effective workout session, the Stamina Avari Magnetic Treadmill is outfitted with a simple yet effective no frills computer monitor that displays basic workout data such as your time, distance, speed and calories burned. To keep track of your data and progress, you can also easily scan through your readouts by using the one-button control.

Safety and Comfort

As mentioned earlier, this manually-powered budget-friendly treadmill comes with dual weighted flywheel, which keeps the treadmill from wobbling so you can safely and confidently walk, run or jog on it during your workout sessions. This treadmill also has foam padded handlebars on which you can comfortably position your hands as you workout. The running surface is made of non-slip textured material so you can effectively build your pace and momentum, which is particularly important in manually-powered treadmills.

Easy Fold, Transport and Storage Mechanism

Another great thing about this affordable, lighweight and sturdy treadmill is its easy-to-fold design, which makes it an ideal fitness machine for people with limited budget and limited space in their homes. To reduce its footprint, you can simply fold and store it in under your bed or your closet. It also has built-in wheels so you can easily move or transport it from one spot to another.


The Stamina Avari Magnetic Treadmill comes with a 3-year warranty for frame and 90 days for parts.

Avari Magnetic Treadmill Review
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