Sunny Health & Fitness Elastic Cord Rowing Machine Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness Elastic Cord Rowing Machine comes with a simple design perfect for home use. The machine comes with 4 resistance levels which will see the elastic cord providing a full-body workout which can keep an elevated heart rate throughout the session. This means you can burn fat while training in the comfort of your own home. You can adjust the resistance levels to keep challenging your fitness routine. Together with the digital display, you can keep track of your progress. And the best part is that the rower comes with a foldable design and you can put it in storage until your next workout.

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  • Foldable design
  • 4 resistance levels
  • Large pedals for stability
  • Digital Display


  • Not the most comfortable set


It`s always a challenge to find the best rower with few resistance levels. This is mainly due to the poor frame design and the reduced durability of the product rather than the few resistance levels. But Sunny`s rower managed to address this issue with a solid frame.

The rower can thus handle weights of up to 220lbs making it a good option for any household. Even more, the machine only weighs 42lbs which make it one of the lightest alternatives on the market. You can thus move it easily around the house or even outdoors. There are plenty of other reasons to choose a lightweight design which also include the easy storage.

With a foldable design, the rower has a good pliability making it easy to store around the house. You can keep it in a corner, in the garage or in the basement without any issues. And with a lightweight elastic-design cord you can have a quick workout session every day.

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The design of the rower highlights its lightweight characteristics. With only 42lbs of total weight, the rower is easy to use and move around the house. The foldable frame means you can save space in any room or in your dedicated workout room.

Although the rower is lightweight, it comes with extra-large foot pedals which make it easy to use in a safe way. The design of the machine comes with a central digital display which will work great to monitor important workout data such as the total burnt calories or the time spent on the machine.

The Sunny & Fitness Elastic Cord Rowing Machine is one of the most lightweight options for home use. With a total weight of just over 40lbs it is easy to move around the house. The added foldable frame means you can also store it in a corner yourself. The performance of the machine is given by its elastic cord with 4 resistance levels. These levels act as a tool to provide maximum efficiency with minimum effort. The rower is thus recommended or people looking to lose weight. It is also recommended for busy people in need of a quick, daily, workout routine.

Sunny Health & Fitness Elastic Cord Rowing Machine Review
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