Withings Body Cardio Review

When you gain weight, you tend to lose your self-confidence. You find it rather shameful to go to various social gatherings and also make new friends. There may be several factors which give rise to your body weight. These may include a sedentary lifestyle and high intake of calories. Once you get fat, you give an invitation to all types of harmful health diseases to destroy your body. Heart ailments, high blood pressure, joint aches are some of these health ailments. Get motivated the right way and start exercising every day. Although, daily workouts for a fat person is a very difficult job, nonetheless, it has great benefits if you can go all the way.  A great tool to monitor your health and fat percentage is the Withings Body Cardio.

Withings Body Cardio Review – Features

Most of you may have heard about a body fat scale. But how many of you actually know about such machines? A body fat scale is not like any traditional weighing scale. It tells you more than your body weight. There are several body fat scales in the market. One such scale is the Withings Body Cardio Heart Health and Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale, which is one of the favorites among fitness enthusiasts for several reasons.

  1. The Withings Body Cardio Scale is designed in such a way that it can easily give you vital detailed information about your body within seconds. Some of the readings provided by this machine is your BMI, body fat index, muscle mass, water content, and your body weight of course.
  2. Apart from a detailed information about the health condition of your body, the Withings Body Cardio can also tell you about the condition of your heart. It can give you data about your heart by assessing 2 major factors, your heart rate and pulse wave velocity. The latter is a metric for any type of stiffness in your arteries. This metric is also accepted by the medical science.
  3. The Withings Body Cardio come with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can pair it with your iOS or Android device and transfer all your data to your handheld. You may use it as a reference for future use. This way, you can check about your daily progress and it will act as a source of motivation for you.
  4. Even if all the members in your family wish to use the same Withings Body Cardio, it is very easily possible. The device can support a maximum of 8 different users. Thus, no need to buy individual body fat scales for each member and waste your hard earned money.

The Withings Body Cardio Scale is designed in a sleek manner which makes it look quite attractive. The product is also quite thin, allowing you to store it anywhere you want when not in use. There are several types of body fat scales in the market. These come with different features and price tags. When you decide to buy one for your own use, better compare a few good ones, based on their features and prices, so that you can determine which one to buy. It is indeed a handy machine to have around at home.

Withings Body Cardio Review
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