Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale

People join a local gym with several fitness goals in mind. Some wish to get back in shape, some like to have bulging muscles like their favorite actor or sportsperson, and some just go to a gym to stay fit and healthy. The journey from fat to fit is not a straight path. You have to cross several hurdles in order to shed those unwanted body fat and look good once again. If you do not have the time to go the gym every day, you may also workout at home. But, how will you keep track of your fat loss progress? Well, the simple answer to this question is to use a body fat scale.  Here we talk about the Yolanda Smart Scale.

Primary Features of the Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale

Take a look at some of the fitness stores in town and you will find several types of body fat scales. Although these provide similar services and benefits, their popularity amongst the users is not the same. One of the best, which fits your pocket and also comes with several useful features is the Yolanda Smart Scale. Some of the features of this scale has been described below.

  1. Unlike several other Bluetooth body fat scales in the market, the Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale can measure several other metrics of your body, which include visceral fat, level of hydration of your body, body mass index, BMR, fat free body weight, skeletal muscle, bone mass, muscle mass, and subcutaneous fat. This machine can also tell you about your real age based on the above findings. This age will not be according to your real birth date.
  2. Do you wish to store the daily data for future reference? This is possible with the Yolanda Smart Scale. This machine comes with Bluetooth access, which can be used to connect with your smartphone or tab. By using a specific app, you can easily transfer your daily data to your smartphone and store it.
  3. Yolanda Body Fat Scale looks quite attractive and will surely enhance the beauty of the room you keep it in. It also has a large sized display which is clearly visible even if you use it in a room filled with steam.
  4. The Yolanda Body Fat Scale can easily display the measurements in both pounds and kilos and it has a maximum user weight capacity of 180kgs.

The Yolanda Body Fat Scale comes with an AAA battery, which you need to place in the machine after unpacking it. Do not make the mistake of keeping it on a soft surface. The Yolanda Body Fat Scale should be placed on a hard surface so that it can give proper readings every time you stand on it. Since the machine is easily compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can easily pair it with your smart gadget and use it properly. Once you start using the Yolanda Body Fat Scale you will find it highly beneficial in helping you keep proper data of your fitness progress.

Yolanda Body Fat Scale Review
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