5 exercises for toning the body quickly

With the increasing styles and trends of today, one desires to fit into all those stylish clothes and costumes and for doing so it is important to tone up one’s body this season in some really quick ways. For firming up the body in a faster manner, it is important to perform the exercises that directly target the upper arms, booty, abs and much more. Each of the moves mentioned below begins with 2 sets having 30 reps.Pull Up Bars

Lying Triceps Extension

Lie flat on a plane surface and has to hold two dumbbells in front. The arms of the person should be extended fully at an angle of 90 degree from the floor and torso. The starting position should have the palms in and the elbows tucked in. The upper arms are to be kept stationary as one breathes in. The weight is to be lowered slowly as the dumbbell reaches the ears. While keeping the upper arms and elbows stationary, the triceps are to be used for bringing the weight back to the position of starting while breathing out.

Pike Plank

One will have to first get into the position of a plank with his hands directly under his shoulder. He should maintain a straight line from his head to his heels. The core is to be braced and the feet are to be placed under the hips in a jump. Pause for a moment to make sure that the hands are placed firmly on to the floor and then jump back to the position of starting.

Step – Up

It is a simple exercise for body resistance which makes the muscles in the buttocks and the legs to work out. It targets the quadriceps, hamstrings and also the gluteal muscles which are present in the buttock. This is a general exercise which is good for the conditioning of the body. A small step stool is needed for doing the exercise. The body is to be lifted up on the step and then step back to the position of starting. The back should be kept straight with the tight abdominal muscles while doing this. The foot should be placed entirely on the step.Pull Up Bars


The bar should be centered over the feet and the feet should be hip-width apart. The bar is to be gripped at the shoulder width by bending the hip by protracting the shoulder blades. Deeply breathe in to lower the hips and also flex the knees till the bar contacts the shins. The back is to be kept arched with the chest up and the heels now should move the weight upward. The bar is then to be pulled back pulling the shoulders together. Now bend the hips and lower the bar and guide it on the floor.


Lie straight with the face downwards and the arms fully extended in the front. Raise the arms, legs and the chest together off the floor and hold on for 2 seconds. Inhale and slow down the arms, legs and chest to the position of starting.


5 exercises for toning the body quickly
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