understanding the parts of a treadmillUnderstanding the Elements of a Treadmill

If you are looking for the Best Treadmill For Home Gym you should get to know the elements of the Treadmill so you know how to compare different brands and models.  Before you get too excited about the impressive specifications advertised on the manufacturers’ websites, get to know first the different elements of a treadmill and how they can fit your needs and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout.

  • Motor
    The motor is what powers the track and is measured by horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). How much you need would depend on your weight and the kind of workout you plan to do.
  • Track sizeelements of a treadmill
    Track size matters to tall runners and users who have long strides. The standard track length for “walking” treadmills is 55 inches, and 58 or 60 inches for “running” treadmills.
  • Treadbelt durability
    Thickness, rollers and lubrication are the three main factors that affect a treadbelt’s durability.  Treadbelt’s with more than one layer, large roller diameter, and are adequately lubricated are more durable.
  • Track speed
    Treadmills with maximum speed of 10 mph are enough for most runners but those who train for a 5-minute mile would opt to run on treadmills that can support higher speeds.
  • Cushioning System
    Cushioning helps reduce the impact of your exercise by approximately 15 to 40 percent, lowers the risk of injury on your joints, knees, ankles and hips, and promotes your stamina.
  • Incline
    A treadmill incline helps you achieve higher calorie burn, reduce the impact of the exercise on your joints, and target specific muscle groups for better muscle definition. Most inclines are motorized while some are manually operated.
  • Preset Workout Programs
    Preset workout programs can help you achieve your weight loss and endurance training goals more efficiently and effectively as they automatically adjust the treadmill speed or incline according to your training targets.
  • Added featureswhat is that on a treadmill
    Other bells and whistles that some treadmills may offer include water bottle holders, tablet holders, MP3- and iPod-compatible speakers, TVs and web browsers. These are great for convenience and entertainment purposes.
  • Warranties
    Warranty covers the frame, motor, parts and labor, and is a good indication of how durable the machine is. Most manufacturers provide lifetime warranty for frame and motor. Cheap treadmills usually offer lower or no warranty for parts and labor.
  • Weight capacity
    To make sure the treadmill motor won’t get strained, it’s recommended that you get a treadmill with a user weight capacity of at least 50 pounds more than your actual weight.
  • Storage and portabilityunderstanding specs of a treadmill
    Small treadmills are generally lightweight, portable and can be easily kept in a closet or under your bed. Some models are foldable and have power-assist technology for easy fold mechanism.
  • Safety
    Some important safety features that can come in handy, especially for the infirm and elderly as well as for those with young children in the house, is the auto-stop mechanism that’s typically controlled with a key.
  • Price
    The treadmill’s quality, warranty as well as the safety and convenience features would have bearing on a treadmill’s price, which is also a major consideration when buying a treadmill.

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Understanding the Elements of a Treadmill
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