Best CrossFit Barbell Under $200 for 2018

There are different types of barbells each better suited for specific types of training than others. There are those that are best for power-lifting, others for Olympic lifting. There are bars that are best suited for practicing. Here we wish to look at the Best CrossFit Barbell Under 200. But first take a look into the different types of bars and later what constitutes a good CrossFit barbell.

Top 5 CrossFit Barbells Under $200

XMark LumberJack 7” Olympic Bar - TOP PICK
XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7’’ Olympic Bar
CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch
Body Solid 7 feet Olympic Bar
ProSource Olympic Barbell Multipurpose Weighty Lifting Bar

Types of Barbells

The first type of bar is the powerlifting barbell. They are mainly characterized by having knurling. On the grip, the markings are set a bit wide compared to, Olympic barbells. These are tougher than their Olympic counterparts as well.

The second type of bar is the Olympic barbell. These have less knurling than powerliftingbars. They also come with more bend. The collars on these types of bars are able to spin allowing them to follow the momentum as you lift up the weights.

Hybrid bars are the third type. They are designed to take advantage of the best features of the above two types of barbells. They are suited in gyms and fitness centers where both Olympic and powerlifting is practiced.

CrossFit vs. Olympic lifts

During CrossFit weight lifting, you will be utilizing the same method of lifting as in Olympic lifts. This is why the Olympic barbell is the best suited for CrossFit. Olympic bars offer a smaller bar whip while maximizing on sleeve rotation. Both qualitiesmake them ideal for CrossFit.

There are some issues when using Olympic barbells for CrossFit however. First, Olympic bars have center knurling. This does not work well when performing high-rep cleans as you are likely to get injuries on your neck.

Olympic bars also come with sleeve bearings as opposed to bushings. The problem with this is while they are useful and great to work with, they are also quite expensive. They are unnecessary during Olympic lifting. A barbell that has bushing will do just fine to provide sleeve rotation.

The great thing is that thanks to the increase in popularity of CrossFit training, manufacturers are now creating barbells that do not come with the shortcomings of regular Olympic barbells. These are specifically designed for CrossFit.

While such bars still have the basic design of an Olympic barbell, they are built extra tough to hold heavy weights and will not get damaged during heavy drops. These barbells do not have center knurling and come with bushings. This also serves to bring down the costs making them more affordable.

Basic Terminology

  1. Yield strength

This refers to the level of force that is required to bend the barbell permanently. Note that it’s required that there be a certain level of bend. This should not remain and the bar should go back to normal state.

  1. Tensile strength

Tensile strength is measured in pounds per square inch and refers to the amount of force that is required to pull the barbell apart. High quality Olympic barbells come with a tensile strength of over 200,000 PSI.

  1. Whip

The whip of the barbell refers to the bounce which takes place during momentum when the lifter is picking up the weights. It comes in handy during the transition from a clean to a jerk. A Lifter who isexperienced will bounce the barbell on his chest and use the resulting momentum to achieve the jerk position.

  1. Sleeve

Thesleeve contains the mechanics that determine the spin of the barbell. These could either be bushings or bearings. The main material used in bushings is brass. While they provide the low friction needed, bearings provide a much faster rotation or spin.

What to Consider When Buying a Barbell

There are a few basic things you need to keep in mind when setting out to buy a barbell. These include:

  1. Steel

It is not simply about how good looking a barbell is, the material construction is the essence of a top performing, quality equipment. With asteel construction, factors such as tensile strength and whipwill determine which the best application for the barbell is.

Olympic barbells demand more whip to their construction. This will enable experienced lifters to use it to their advantage and to achieve good clean.

Average weightlifting doesn’t really need a barbell with too much whip as the weights are usually not too heavy for the barbell.

You derive great benefit when powerlifting with a barbell that has a bit of whip. However, straight and stiff bars are also best for benching and doing squats.

  1. Knurling

When it comes to picking the right type of knurling, it all comes down to the individual’s preference. Some like plenty of knurling to dig into their hands and provide tremendous grip.

Others prefer little knurling where you will need to use a lot of chalk to achieve the grip you want. It comes down to what works best for you.

In CrossFit, you will likely be doing many reps and switching to using the pull up bar. Your hands are experiencing a lot of friction. This is why you need a barbell that comes with little knurling.

  1. Spin

The level of spin will depend on the type of lifting youare doing as well as your own individual preference. As we have seen, there are two mechanisms that areemployed to produce spin. These are bearings or bushes. If you need plenty of spin, you need to pick a barbell with bearings.

Now that you are aware of the basic fundamentals surrounding the performance and construction of barbells, it’s time now to look at my suggestions for the best CrossFit barbell under $200.

Top 5 CrossFit Barbells Under $200

XMark LumberJack 7” Olympic Bar - TOP PICK
XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7’’ Olympic Bar
CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch
Body Solid 7 feet Olympic Bar
ProSource Olympic Barbell Multipurpose Weighty Lifting Bar

XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7’’ Olympic Bar

This excellent barbell comes with a tensile strength 185000psi.  The flex is moderate ensuring that it provides top notch performance. If you are interested in a well performing barbell for CrossFit training, then the XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7’’ Olympic bar fits the bill.

Perfect for your squats, bench-press, dead lifting and cleans it features a manganese phosphate coating that prevents rusting and provides a good grip.

On the ends of the barbell, the sleeves which are made form chrome rotate freely. They are held in place by the dual snap rings making sure that the sleeves won’t come off the shaft.

All this at an affordable price-you receive a maximum weight capacity of 1500 pounds, from a barbell whose shaft is constructed from only the best quality heated alloy. The sleeve comes with bushings which also serve to lower the price.

The XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7’’ Olympic Bar has a diameter of 28 mm, weights 20 kilos and the sleeves are 16.5’’ in length.


  • High quality design
  • The sleeves rotate freely
  • Manganese phosphate coatings prevent rusting


  • It comes with threaded sides that cause a squeaking noise when putting on the weights.

XMark LumberJack 7” Olympic Bar

Whether you are a cross trainer or if you do powerlifting, the XMarkLumberJack 7” Olympic Bar comes with a moderate flex.

What makes this bar special is that it is the perfect blend of being tough and being flexible. This makes it perform well during, bench press, doing squats, snatches and cleans.

A manganese and phosphate coating prevents the XMark LumberJack 7” Olympic Bar form rusting. This has been proving to provide better anti-rusting qualities than black oxide.  It also comes with medium depth knurlingthat combines with the coating to provide a durable, high performing bar with excellent grip.

The bar comes with alloy bushings which serve to make it affordable. They also allow the sleeves to rotate. To keep the sleeves in place, they have two snap rings.

The construction of the XMark LumberJack 7” Olympic Bar is of only the highest quality alloy, making the bar ideal for your cross training and powerlifting. With a total weight capacity of 700 pounds and a weight of 19.5 kgs, this barbell is able to perform without bending.


  • High quality construction
  • Great value barbell for the money
  • Does not bend or deform easily
  • Excellent grip with the knurling


  • There is no free spin on the collar even with weights

Body Solid 7 feet Olympic Bar

During powerlifting and CrossFit training, you need a solid bar that can hold up the weight without bending to the pressure. The Body Solid 7 feet Olympic Bar offers you high performance to reach your goals.

With a maximum weight capacity of 600pounds and weighing just 44 pounds, you have a trusty companion and can be sure of getting quality for the price.

Whether it’s back-squatting, bench-pressing or doing dead lifts this bar will help you to achieve them all. One drawback that I noticed is the lack of pinned sleeves. They are however locked in place by a bolt. This bringscertain challenges and may not be ideal during Olympic lifting.

The knurling on the other hand may be a bit too much. Heavy lifting can cause blisters on your hands. That said, it is made from high quality metal and works great.


  • High quality construction
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Spins freely on the ends
  • Excellent spacing between the knurling
  • Easy to get the plates on as well as remove them.


  • The knurling is a bit aggressive
  • The bolts are not very durable and tend to come off


CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch

With proprietary coatings the CAP barbell offers excellent performance. This bar has a maximum weight capacity of 1200 pounds, and also features medium depth diamond knurl.

Accu-Coat Finish is military spec. It prevents rust and corrosion and also plays a part in making the bar durable. The coating goes as far as the knurls providing a surface with excellent grip and is also easy to clean. You will not need a specialized wire cleaning brush to get the job done.

This barbell is manufactured for heavy loads and has long been a favorite for experienced CrossFit trainers. Durability and balance are just some of the things you get with the CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch.

The bar has a medium depth sleeves that turn with thelightesttouch preventing unnecessary pressure on your wrists and also stops the bar from warping.


  • Great value for the price
  • High quality construction
  • Accu-coating provides excellent grip
  • Rust resistant
  • Good knurling


  • The bar tends to bend after heavy lifting
  • Metal splinters and shavings come out of the plates end after continuous use.


ProSource Olympic Barbell Multipurpose Weighty Lifting Bar

Do you need a barbell you can count on to offer high performance?TheProSource Olympic Barbell Multipurpose Weighty Lifting Bar is the one for you. It will help you reach yourpowerlifting or CrossFit training goals.

Made from high quality rust resistant steel, this barbell has no center knurling making it perfect for performing thrusters, squats, power cleans as well as deadlifts.

This bar has a 160000psi and has chrome sleeves that rotate freely. It also comes in a phosphate finish. It is slightly over 7 feet and weights 44 pounds. With a diameter of 28 inches, you can wrap your hands around itcomfortably.

The knurls are strategically located to offer the best grip while powerlifting. To further prevent rusting, the ProSource Olympic Barbell Multipurpose Weighty Lifting Bar comes with a black phosphate finish.

You can finally work on your entire body while doing clean and jerks, back rows, lunges, as well as overhead press and many more.


  • High quality construction
  • Does not have centre knurling making it easy on the back
  • Great value for money


  • May rust slightly even with the anti-rust technology in Place


The Best CrossFit Barbell Under $200 has to go to the XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7’’ Olympic Bar (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE). With excellent knurling and manganese phosphate coating to prevent rusting, it is a great value for money product.

With freely rotating sleeves, it comes with a high tensile strength of 185000psi which means it can accommodate very heavy loads which is perfect for people who are into power lifting. Even while it does come with threaded sides, the overall performance of the barbell is high. A durable construction prevents it from bending easily and will serve you for quite a long period of time.

Best CrossFit Barbell Under $200 in 2018
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