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So, you have been working out sincerely at home for quite a long time and wish to go to the next level, right? Are you thinking about buying weightlifting equipment for your personal use? Before you decide to buy such equipment, it is important for you to know that weightlifting requires hard work, a thorough technique, and proper Bumper Plates. It would be a good idea to get proper training under the proper supervision of a gym instructor before you decide to do it on your own at home. You also have to choose the Bumper Plate Set carefully so that you can use them for a long time to come.

What You Need To Understand About Bumper Plates?

If you follow Olympic weightlifting carefully, you must have noticed that participants lift a long metallic rod with plates of different weights, securely fixed, on either side of the rod. These plates are better known as Bumper Weights. These Bumper Plates are basically made of hard and thick rubber, so that when you drop the load on the ground, the force does not damage the actual plates themselves. The Rubber Plates are available in both kilograms and pounds and come in the same variety of weights as any other powerlifting or strength training plates. Generally a Bumper Plate Set is black in color. However, color coded ones are also available and are primarily used for competitions.

Should You Go For Steel Plates Or Bumper Plates?

If you are planning to buy weightlifting equipment for your personal use, then you may often wonder whether to go for steel plates or bumper plates. Here are some pointers which should help you decide upon the right choice to suit your requirements.

  1. Safety: As far as safety is concerned, bumper plates are way safer than steel plates. If you drop a heavy steel plate from a good height, it may create a crack on your flooring or may even smash right through the foundation of your house. On the other hand, bumper plates land softly, thanks to their hard rubber coating. Think of it in this way. You will have to fix the plates on the metallic bar in order to lift the weight. If you are worried that an accidental drop of the plates, while fixing them onto the bar, may damage your house, how can you possibly drop the load from above your head without creating a major damage to your flooring?
  2. Less Noisy: Although this factor is not too important, nonetheless, dropping steel plates from a height will create a loud bang. Imagine having to face this noise every time you drop the load from above your head. However, with bumper plates, you may not expect such loud noises. Although there will be some level of noise involved, it will certainly not be as loud as the noise from dropping heavy steel plates.

Here Is A List Of The Best Bumper Plates In The Market

When it comes to buying non-competitive bumper plates for your personal use, you will come across several manufacturers in the market. It can get quite confusing to choose the right one, if you are not properly prepared with your homework on some of the best in the market. In order to help you avoid such confusions, here are some of the best brands from reputed manufacturers of bumper plates.

Vulcan Alpha Bumpers

These bumpers are one of the most versatile plates available in the market at present. The Vulcan Alpha Bumpers produce almost 30% less noise than many other bumper plates in its category. The plates are not as thick as others and are also available in different colors. These plates come with hooked inserts, which are quite durable and do not allow the plates to move to and fro when a user is performing weightlifting. The best part about the Vulcan Alpha Bumpers is that they emit very low odor as compared to other plates and do not bounce high when dropped from a height. These products are also available without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hi-Temp BumpersOlympic Bumper Plates

Although these plates are slightly on the higher side in terms of pricing, the quality of these products are quite solid. These plates are thicker than most other bumper plates at stores and should not pose a major threat, unless you plan to put on above 400 pounds on the weightlifting bar. You may also use the Hi-Temp Bumpers outside on rough surfaces. However, do be careful about the bounce, as these plates have a reputation of unpredictable bounce, which can get quite high at times.

Rubber Weights

Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper PlatesRubber Bumper Plates

These bumper plates are thinner and less expensive than many other plates in the market. As a result of this, you can easily put on more plates on your bar. The Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates come with 3 years warranty.  The diameter of the plates is 450mm.  The Rubber Weights come in weights of 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 pound plates.

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Factors to Consider While Shopping For Bumper Plates

First things first, if you are thinking about buying Bumper Plates for your personal use, you should be committed to using them properly and for your own health benefits. In a way you may say that purchasing bumper plates is a kind of investment of your money. Thus, choosing the right plates is crucial to get the most out of it. Here are some factors to keep in your mind when shopping for bumper plates.

  • Level of Bounce of The Plates: When you use bumper plates, you have to remember that the harder it hits the floor the more damage may happen to the plate. Hitting the floor creates a tremor which moves to the center of the plate. This tremor may damage the bearings of the bar. Always choose plates which hits the ground gently with minimal bounce. This will not just prove to be safer for you, it will also produce lower levels of noise than normal.
  • Construction of The Plates: When it comes to the construction of bumper plates, always choose those which are neither too soft nor too hard. If the plates are too hard, it may split through the center when it gets dropped repeatedly. On the other hand, if the plates are too soft, it may bounce quite high and may prove dangerous for users. Bouncy plates may hit your straight on your fingers or face. At the same time, while choosing plates, make sure that the gap between the center of the plates and bar is not too much. If the gap is quite big then it may produce a rattling loud noise when you drop the weights on the floor.
  • Price: Last but not the least, keep an eye on your budget. Try to keep it as low as possible, since you will be buying quite a few bumpers in order to workout properly. If you choose costly plates, then you may feel the burn in your pocket after purchase a few plates.

Some Basic Rules to Weightlifting

If you are a professional weightlifter or an ordinary athlete, there are certain rules to weightlifting efficiently. If you follow these rules, you can easily avoid accidents and also get the most out of such workouts. Some of these rules are mentioned below.

  • Dress Properly For the Workout: One of the important rules to weightlifting is wearing proper attire. Always ensure that the clothes you wear while weightlifting is collar-less and close-fitting. Also remember that your clothes should not cover your knees or elbows. When it comes to wearing shoes, always wear proper weightlifting shoes. Avoid being bare feet or wearing flip-flops or tennis shoes while weightlifting.
  • Stack The Plates Properly On The Bar: Before you commence weightlifting, always remember that the plates should be stacked in the right manner on the bar. The lightest plates should be on the outside and the heaviest should be on the inside. In other words, the heaviest plates will go in first followed by lighter ones. This is crucial to remember every time you get prepared to weight lift.
  • Stay Away From Using Metal Plates: It has been seen several times that using metal plates weighing more than 10kg can completely damage your bar. At the same time, if these heavy metal plates fall on the platform from a height, it will also destroy the platform. It is usually seen that metal plates do not generally fit together. However, bumper plates are preferred mainly due to this problem.

How To Use Your Bumper Plates Other Than Weightlifting?

If you perform the same set of exercises every day, you will invariably feel bored after a few weeks. Yu will want to try something new for a few days in order to get back your interest on your workout routines. Many of you may think that you will need new equipment in order to perform new exercises. On the contrary, you can use your bumper plates, apart from weightlifting, to do innovative forms of workouts.

  • Squats: Many a times you may feel like performing light exercises for a week or so after a few weeks of heavy workouts. You may use your bumper plates for this purpose. Stack up your bumper plates and bring them up to your knee height. Make sure that the stack of bumper plates is right outside your usual squat rack. You can use this stack of plates to perform squats.
  • Russian Twist: In order to perform this workout, you need to lie down on the ground with your legs bent at the knees. Pull up the upper part of your body in order to form a V-shape with the legs. Hold onto a bumper plate of your choice in front of you. Next, simply twist the upper body to the right side and gently tap the plate on the floor. Hold on to this position for about a second and then twist back to your starting point. Do remember to breathe out while you go back to your starting position. Now, twist in the opposite direction and perform the same steps.

Steps To Maintain Your Barbell

When it comes to bumper plates, you do not need to spend much time in maintaining the plates. However, you definitely need to give your barbells some attention. However, you need to take care of your barbells once every 6 months and it will take care of your health for a long time to come. Here are some steps to help you in barbell maintenance.

  1. Use Coke to Get Rid of Rust: Once you notice rust formations on your barbells understand that it is time to take the matter in your own hands. Although many people prefer to workout with rusted barbells, it is strict no-no when it comes to proper workouts. Use coke to get rid of rust on your barbell. Dab a generous portion of coke on a cotton towel and rub the entire barbell with it. After doing so for some time, you will visibly notice that the barbell looks much better and safer without any signs of rust.
  2. Use A Proper Lube: Next, use a wet spray lube and a dry spray lube to spray on the barbell. Make sure that you do not spray the wet lube all over the barbell. This will create a problem for you during lifts. Wet lube has a tendency of leaving behind a greasy film, which last for a really long time. Spraying it in the inside of the collars will be a good idea. Once this is done, use the dry lube, which acts as a protectant.

It is needless to say that weightlifting is an advanced form of workout and is definitely not meant for first timers. It would be a good idea to gain muscle strength and increase your stamina before you even think about performing weightlifting. Always take proper training under the supervision of a gym instructor so that you can get an idea about the tips and trick to perform weightlifting properly and without hurting any part of your body. This will be one of the safest ways to start weightlifting.


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