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If you’re a novice at CrossFit and you’re looking for the Best CrossFit Jump Rope for double under, there are five factors that you’ll generally need to consider to make sure you’ll find something that would match your current fitness level, meet your training needs, enhance your jump rope skill and help you achieve your fitness goals safely, efficiently, and effectively. These factors, which we’ll take a closer look at below, include quality, versatility, weight, function and cost. Using those five factors as our criteria and based on reviews by beginners and athletes, we’ve also ranked five of the best CrossFit jump ropes available in the market and which you can include in your list of options when you go shopping for one.    Pull Up Bars

CrossFit Jump Rope: Factors to Consider

  1. Quality

    As with any other fitness equipment, the quality of a CrossFit Jump Rope can greatly affect the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of your workout and performance. Anything that breaks easily won’t do you any good and can only hurt you, frustrate you, delay your progress, keep you from maximizing your potential and make you regret spending your money on it regardless of how cheap it may be. Now, you might think it’s hard to tell how durable a jump rope is unless you’ve used and tested it but another way is to check out the rope’s track record and see if a particular brand has been used by athletes who participate in high-level competitions. In terms of cable quality, a nylon coated cable is known to be more durable than vinyl coated ones.

  2. Versatility

    Some Crossfit jump ropes are good only for indoor use while some may be used outdoors and on hard surfaces.  Depending on your training needs and preferences, you can opt for a jump rope that’s highly versatile in terms of size, and cable type and weight.
    Ease of resizing is also important because using a jump rope that’s too long for you can hamper your speed while one that’s too short can cause misses.

  3. Weight

    When you’re jumping, it’s usually the arms that get worn out first and not the legs. And it’s when your arms begin to feel the fatigue that you start missing on your jumps. To keep your arms from getting tired too easily, it would be good to use a Crossfit jump rope with thin and light nylon coated cable, and ergonomically shaped lightweight handles, which help strengthen wrists, and allow for faster and greater range of motion. Nonetheless, some athletes opt for heavier handles as they allow for greater control on the rope.

  4. Function

    How fast and smooth the rope spins would also affect the efficiency of your movement. Ball and swivel bearing mechanisms help reduce friction and keep the cable from bending so you’ll be able to achieve higher RPM.

  5. Cost

    Crossfit jump ropes come in a wide range of prices, and while cost doesn’t necessarily translate to quality, you won’t go wrong investing in one that’s reliably durable and functional.

Top Five Picks for Crossfit Jump Ropes

Using the above criteria, we’ve picked five of the best Crossfit jump ropes for double unders. Go over them and see if one ticks all the boxes on your list.

  1. Inspired Fitness Gear Crossfit Speed Jump Rope

    Extremely light, versatile, durable, and functional, this jump rope from Inspired Fitness Gear comes with a thin nylon coated cable and lightweight handles with ball and swivel bearings. The rope is also resizable so you can adjust the length to suit your height, skill level and training goals. With excellent construction and capacity for fast and smooth rotations, this high quality and affordable jump rope that’s ideal for daily use definitely won’t fail you as you jump to reach your fitness goals.Pull Up Bars

  2. HumanX X4 Competition Jump Rope

    This one comes highly recommended for competition purposes. Its handles are extremely lightweight and provide for a good grip for added safety. When competing, you can set the HumanX X4 jump rope at a length that’s the same as the one you use for your everyday jump rope such as the Inspired Fitness Gear rope.Pull Up Bars

  3. Rage R2 Fitness Speed Rope

    If you’re after longevity, then the Rage R2 Fitness Speed Rope is definitely a good option for you. It comes with a lime green thick nylon coated cable so it’s not as light as the first two ropes we’ve discussed.  The handles, on the other hand, are lightweight and have smooth ball bearings. Pull Up Bars

  4. Neptune Barbell Co. WOD Jump Rope

    If you’re tight on budget and can do with an uncoated lightweight rope, then the low-priced WOD Jump Rope by Neptune Barbell Co. can be an option for you. However, you’d have to be extra careful with your rope in order to ensure your safety as you workout.Pull Up Bars

  5. CQ Wellness Adjustable Ball Bearing Speed Rope

    Coming in at number 5 is the CQ Wellness Adjustable Ball Bearing Speed Rope – an all-round jump rope that’s great for everyday cardio fitness workout. It comes with comfortable padded handles and “licorice” plastic rope. It also has a ball bearing system and is a good starter rope, which you can use to practice skipping daily as a prelude to trying double unders.Pull Up Bars

When looking for CrossFit jump rope for strength and conditioning, it’s good to keep in mind that you’re not just looking for an ordinary jump rope. As discussed above, your safety as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of your training and performance would depend largely on the quality, versatility, weight, and functionality of the jump rope. So if you’re putting high premium on your fitness goals, then it would only be wise and practical to really study your options and treat buying a CrossFit jump rope, or any other fitness equipment for that matter, as making an investment that you expect and hope to yield positive returns for you in the form of maximized potential, and improved skill.

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