nordictrack treadmillA Look At The NordicTrack Treadmill

Made by Icon Fitness, the world’s largest treadmill manufacturer and a leader in innovation, NordicTrack Treadmills are nothing short of excellent when it comes to quality, technology and functionality. So, if you’re on the hunt for a reliable fitness machine to get you started on your journey to your fitness goals, and to amp up the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout, then you’re on the right track because here, we’ve lined up the reasons why a NordicTrack Treadmill sits high on the ranks of fitness machines. nordictrack treadmill reviews

  1. iFit Technologynordictrack treadmill promotion code

    Fun, personalized, challenging and interactive, iFit Live is without doubt one of NordicTrack’s best features. With it, you’ll be able to perform to your optimum, achieve the best results, and monitor your gains every time you exercise as you can easily and conveniently customize your workout programs to suit your training needs and preferences as well as track your progress online. Just go to, set your targets, and iFit Live will give you a series of personalized workout programs and adjust your machine’s settings to increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise based on your goals.
    Another great thing about iFit Live is it allows you to virtually run anywhere in the world through Google Maps. It even changes the incline so you can not only visualize but also simulate running on the actual terrain of the street or path. Through it, you can also compete with other runners and have a more challenging, interesting and dynamic workout experience.

  2. Consolesnordictrack commercial treadmill

    Keeping boredom at bay is an easy task for NordicTrack treadmills. Apart from iFit, their consoles also come with audio ports, built-in speakers, flat screen TV, and internet browsers to let you check your emails, connect to social networks, listen to music, watch your favorite TV shows, and basically to keep you entertained and from dozing off as you workout. Other bells and whistles include auto-adjustable cooling fans, and extra-wide full color touch screen displays that provide readouts of your workout metrics.

  3. Incline Trainerstreadmill nordictrack

    Three models of the NordicTrack Incline Trainers have up to 40% incline while two have decline functions. The beauty with incline trainers is they allow you to do high-intensity but low-impact workout as you simulate walking up and down a mountain. This lets you burn more calories, boost your cardio endurance, and build your lower body muscles without putting too much stress on your knees, ankles and joints as you would when running.nordictrack treadmills

  4. Largernordictrack treadmills reviews Motors

    NordicTrack motors are among the largest and most powerful in their price range. They’re also subjected to strict fail safe testing to verify capacity, sound immunity to ensure that users will have noise-free workout sessions, and brush life to validate the motors’ durability, which is backed up with a lifetime warranty. Generally, motors work and perform more efficiently at cooler temperatures. 

  5. Extra Long andnordictrack reviews treadmills Wide Running Surfaces

    As with their motors, NordicTrack running surfaces are among the longest and widest in their price range. Note that NordicTrack uses the term “running surfaces” instead of “treadbelt”, which, with some manufacturers, includes covered portions of the belt. Most of their treadmill tracks are 60” in length, and they also have available models that come with extra wide running surfaces.
    The Elite Series Nordictrack treadmill models are outfitted with adjustable cushioning system that helps absorb the impact of the workout on the joints so you can reduce the risk of injuries and avoid straining your hips, ankles and knees. With the Commercial Series treadmill models, you can turn the cushioning on or off so you can better simulate running or jogging on an outdoor terrain. 

  6. Built-In Sound Systems withtreadmill nordictrack MP3 Input & Self-Adjusting Fans

    A lot of treadmills have built-in speakers but the ones you’ll find in NordicTrack treadmills are, without doubt, some of the best sound systems you can have in a fitness machine.  With MP3-compatible speakers that are able to produce high quality output and crystal clear sound, NordicTrack treadmills won’t let you skip a beat of your music nor will it let you miss a step towards your ultimate fitness goals.
    Another cool feature of their treadmills is a highly functional self-adjusting cooling fan that helps keep you cool and comfortable as your workout. It automatically changes its intensity depending on your exertion.

  7. Maximum User nordictrack treadmillWeight Capacity

    Some manufacturers tend to overestimate their machine’s weight limits, which can be frustrating and disappointing, especially for those who invested a lot of money in and even for those who opted for budget-friendly fitness machines like treadmills. After all, price is not always the ultimate consideration but also, and more importantly, the capacity of the treadmill’s deck to support the weight and match your speed without straining the motor and compromising your safety.
    Most NordicTrack Treadmills have a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs and you can be confident that within such range, their machines will be able to run quietly and smoothly, withstand maximum speed rate, and provide enough cushioning support on the deck.

  8. Warranty

    To back up their claims of superb quality and durability, and to guarantee their machines’ reliability and functionality, NordicTrack treadmills now come with decent and more competitive warranty. Their premiere treadmill’s motor and frame is covered with a lifetime warranty while some customers have availed of up to a 6-year warranty on parts and 3 years on labor. 

  9. Customer Service

    Icon Fitness highly values their customers and is committed to providing excellent before- and after-sale service. So to accommodate inquiries, service requests, and questions regarding shipping, warranty, promotions, and other concerns, they have, over the past years, made significant investment to expand their customer service team.
    Keep in mind that buying an exercise machine is much like investing in your health and fitness. And as with any other good investment, when you get a NordicTrack Treadmill and with your commitment and determination, you can expect for it to yield positive results.

NordicTrack Treadmill Reviews
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