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Inversion Therapy is when you are at an inverted position (butt over teakettle as the popular phrase puts it) or upside down.  This form of therapy is known to help alleviate back pain by decompressing the spine and other joints in the body.  Some people hang directly from their feet or ankles but that is just not practical for most of the population.  Hanging is very difficult to perform because it takes a lot of core strength to be able to pull yourself up once your session is completed.  This is why it is great to go with an Inversion Table.  It allows you to practice inversion therapy right in your home and makes it a whole heck of a lot easier than trying to hang from your feet.  Inversion Tables are designed to give you support as well as assist you to get to your desired inversion angle.  We have researched a lot of different tables and have come up with our TOP 3 Best Inversion Table list.

Top 3 Inversion Tables for Back Pain


Max Invert
 : Innova ITX9600
Rating: rating
Capacity: 300 lbs
Max Invert:  
Padded: check icon
 : Teeter 560
Rating: rating
Capacity: 300 lbs
Max Invert: check icon
 : Ironman 4000
Rating: rating
Capacity: 350 lbs
Max Invert: check icon
Padded: check icon

Do you often feel a nagging back ache if you sit in one place for long? You can easily believe that you are not alone when it comes to back aches. It is one of the most common type of body pains and one of the most frequent reasons for people to skip work for a day or two. It is needless to say that serious back pains can play a major role in restricting your movements and freedom. Some opt for various types of painkiller medicines, whereas, some prefer to go for regular exercises in order to overcome such a body pain. If you suffer from chronic back ache, then using an inversion table for back pain will be a suitable thing to do.  Some people also use an inversion table for sciatica. This equipment helps a lot in enhancing the blood circulation in your body and also improving your body posture.Inversion Table Benefits

Types of Inversion Tables

When it comes to inversion tables, there are basically 2 types, manual and motorized.

  • Manual: These types of inversion tables need your muscle power to place the table at different angles. However, manual ones can prove to be a bit tough when it comes to the motion. If you want the motion to be smooth and helpful, then you may have to go for higher end models.
  • Motorized: These machines are obviously automatic and are comparatively easier to shift the position from one angle to the other. Motorized ones also help you in multiple ways in order to overcome your serious back pain.

Inversion Machines Can Be Of Great Advantage

If you use an inversion table for quite some time, then it will show great results in terms of overcoming your back ache. There are also several benefits you can enjoy upon using such a machine.Best Inversion Table

  1. Relax Your Muscles: Did you know that your muscles work even when you sleep? After working for long hours, your muscles tend to get tired and cramped. If you use an inversion table, it helps a lot in relaxing your body muscles. In other words, these exercise equipment help your muscles to sleep.
  2. Improve Your Blood Circulation: With time, it is quite natural for your body blood circulation to get less effective. With the help of an inversion table, this situation can be reversed and your blood circulation can be enhanced. Upon regular use, you will notice a drastic improvement in your day to day activities due to better blood circulation.
  3. Improve Your Body Posture: If you spend long hours sitting in one place, your body posture will invariably deteriorate. Your spinal column gets a bit hunched and your body experiences several drawbacks. It may even make you look older than your normal age. One of the best ways to improve your body posture is to use an inversion table for long.
  4. Maintain Your Normal Height: If you measure your height after several years, you will notice that you will appear shorter than yesteryears. It is quite normal for people to lose their natural height and appear slumped with increasing age. It has been proved that if you use an inversion table over time, you will notice a positive effect on your body. It helps to strengthen and realign your spinal cord.
  5. Get Over Back Pain: It has been proven both scientifically and clinically that inversion tables help to overcome back aches with ease. Most of the reasons for back aches, including pain due to spinal cord, easily gets resolved with the help of inversion tables. Some of these exercise equipment also have acupressure nodes to provide additional benefits.
  6. Rejuvenate Your Spinal Discs: Most of you do not know the importance of the spinal discs. In order to lead a healthy and fit life, it is very crucial that your spinal discs remain in an aligned position. If you use an inversion table for a long period of time, you can easily improve the disc alignment of your spinal cord. These also help to repair damaged discs with time.

How to Choose the Right Inversion Table?

inversion table reviewsAfter getting to know about the importance of inversion tables for people suffering from chronic back aches, most of you must be wondering how to go about choosing the right equipment for your daily use. Basically there are several factors to remember before you go to buy one. This way, you can easily save time while shopping for the best and also avoid getting confused if you see multiple models in front of you.

  • Find Out About The Type Of Your Back Ache: There are various types of back aches. Some may arise from your cervical spine, some may be from the base of your spinal cord, some may be just a localized ache, and some may tend to spread to a wider area. When you decide to shop for an inversion table, always try to find out the basic type of your back pain. This will go a great distance in helping you choose the right model with the best features.
  • Check the Backboard: Another important factor to consider is the type of backboard of your inversion table. Basically, there are two types of backboards which come in such equipment. One type comes with a padded surface to provide additional comfort to a user. Another type are those which come with a mesh surface. These provide lesser than the padded ones. However, both type of backboards provide support to your back.
  • Ability to Do Different Exercises: Always look for an inversion table which allows you to perform different exercises. Usually, it is seen that some of the costly and high end inversion tables do not allow flexibility in terms of exercises to its user. Also, ensure that the table you choose allows you to move back a bit to prevent you from bumping your back against the platform.
  • Check the Ankle Restraint: In an inversion table, it is very important to restrain your ankle in a secure manner while you are in an inverted form. This will ensure that you not fall down and hurt yourself. This is why it is very important that you check the ankle restraint in the equipment you buy for inversion therapies. Remember that the restraint should be very comfortable and secure. It should also be very easy to use and easy to take off. When it comes to ankle restraints, there are basically two types. First is the adjustable straps and second is the bar type.
  • Weight Capacity: Do not forget to check the weight capacity of the inversion table you plan to buy. Just in case the capacity is barely enough to take your body weight, make sure that the equipment is sturdy and reliable. If you think that you will feel uncomfortable doing inversion exercises on the machine, then it is always a good idea to avoid buying it.
  • Proper Safety: It is very natural for any person to feel a bit unsafe in an inverted position. This is why it is very important to check that the inversion table you buy is safe and secure. This is where time plays an important role. Take your time and consider the safety features before you decide to buy it.

Avoid Certain Points While Shopping For an Inversion Table

inversion therapy tableIt is understood if you say that you are a very busy person. However, it does not mean that you will not take your time while choosing an inversion table. Many people make several errors while choosing a suitable equipment to perform their inversion therapies. This is especially true for people who are first timers for using such equipment. Read below some of the commonly made mistakes, so that you can easily avoid them in your search for one of the best inversion tables for your personal use.

  1. Choose Equipment Without Comparing: When it comes to an inversion table, there are several types available in the market. There are also different manufacturers, which make such tables. Many first timers buy such equipment without comparing the different models based upon their prices, features, and other important aspects. This is one of the most common mistakes. It is always a good idea to compare the different types of inversion tables. Compare their rates and features so that you can get the right one easily. Also check different stores to get a good deal, as well.
  2. Buy It From The First Store You Come Across: Just like there are multiple companies, which manufacture inversion tables, there are also numerous stores which sell them. Many users buy their favorite table from the first store they come across. This should be avoided, if possible. Always compare different stores based upon the type of inversion tables they have for you, their rates, and also their after sales services.
  3. Follow a Recommendation without Finding out Further about It: If you ask some of your friends or colleagues, who workout in gyms, they will surely recommend a suitable inversion table for your use. Although getting recommendations is good, nonetheless, it is better to try and find out more information about these recommended tables. Compare the different recommendations and then go ahead with your purchase. Most of the people ignore this factor and end up wasting money by buying which is not suitable for them.

Options to Buy a Good Inversion Table

inversion table for sciaticaWhen it comes to shopping for a good quality inversion table, there are 2 primary options available to you. Which one you choose is completely based upon your convenience.

  • Buy from An Online Shopping Site: In this fast paced world, people are more interested in online shopping. Due to the sudden rise in the popularity of such a shopping style, you will find many internet shopping websites which have started business. Most of them sell exercise equipment and machines. If you are too busy to shop from a physical store, then online shopping will be a good option for you. However, make sure that the site you choose to shop from, is recognized and reliable. Also ensure that the online payment option is safe and secure. With the help of online shopping, you can enjoy several benefits such as doorstep delivery, great offers and discounts, variety of inversion tables on the same site, and possibility to save time.
  • Buy from A Physical Store: Most of you must be skeptical about online shopping. In such cases, shopping from a physical store will be a better option. Check the quality of the product at a store and also get to view different models in front of you. However, do make sure that the store you shop from is well-known and dependable.

When you decide to buy an inversion table for back pain or an inversion table for sciatica, make sure to consider certain factors. These should help you in choosing the right equipment without wasting much time. Always choose a table which fits your budget and needs. Do remember to allocate enough space at home for the machine so that you can exercise freely and peacefully. Do your homework properly about inversion tables before you make the final decision of buying one for your personal use. Make sure to check every detail of the equipment you wish to buy so that you do not have to regret in the long run.

Since it is a matter of your own health, it would be better if you discussed about inversion tables with an experienced physical trainer. He will be able to guide you in the right direction and also give you some tips to get the most out of it. Always avoid taking hasty decision when it comes to choosing a suitable equipment to improve your health and body structure. Take your time, ask experienced people, do your research work, and then take the plunge. It has been seen in many cases wherein people have made grave mistakes in choosing the right inversion table. When it comes to your health issues, practice caution at all the time. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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