Best Vertical Climber Under $150 for 2018

Staying fit and leading a healthy life is easier said than done. You need hours of hard work and tons of patience and dedication to avoid junk food and stick to your daily workout routine at the gym. It is very simple to gain weight. However, the challenge lies in shedding all those excess body fat. There are several exercise machines in the market which can help you burn calories at a fast rate.

These include elliptical trainers, rowers, vertical climbers, and many more. Out of these, it is seen that vertical climbers are more effective at burning fat at a fast pace than other machines used at fitness clubs. There are several types of vertical climbers in the market. Similarly, there are numerous manufacturers of such machines. If you wish to buy one for your personal use at home better choose the right one without rushing through the selection process.  In this article we take a look at the Best Vertical Climber Under 150.

What Do You Mean By A Vertical Climber?

Most of you must have heard about or also used a vertical climber at your home or at a gym. However, how many of you know about such a workout machine? A vertical climber is basically a low-impact workout machine which provides you with a proper cardio workout along with proper strength training and toning exercises. In other words, it gives you a full body workout at the comfort of your home. It has been tested that vertical climbers burn more calories than most other reputed exercise machines found at gyms at half the time. This is simply because it makes your body work in unison.

Why Use A Vertical Climber?

If you wish to get back in shape and lose all those unwanted body fat, the best way is to opt for a full body workout. This is possible with a vertical climber. Even if you spend just 30 minutes on a climber every day you will witness amazing results which will be much better than using an elliptical trainer or a treadmill. Vertical climbers can be used whenever you have some spare time. Whether you prefer to use it before work or after work, it is completely based on your preference. These machines are quite compact and can easily be stored away out of sight when not in use. Vertical climbers come with different resistance levels and you can do various types of workouts with the machine. Some of the models also come with pre-programed workout routines to help you with your exercises.

Top 5 Vertical Climbers Under $150

Vertical climbers come with different price tags. It is not possible for everyone to afford a costly machine. Thankfully, there are some vertical machines which are quite affordable and also quite useful in helping you shed unwanted body fat. 5 of the best have been discussed below for your information.

GoPlus Vertical Climber

GoPlus, one of the largest manufacturers of workout machines, has a wide range of vertical climbers for its users. This model comes with easy height adjustment feature with a range of 69 inches to 85 inches. This enables different users to use the machine and also adjust the height as per their own physical heights. You will find a LED display on this climber which display all the vital data pertaining to your workout such as time spent, calorie burnt, count, scan mode, RPM, and much more. This will help you find out about your daily progress. The vertical climber comes in a foldable design so that you can easily store it under your bed or behind your wardrobe when not in use. The pedals come with an anti-slip layer to prevent you from losing your foothold while exercising.


  • The vertical climber made by GoPlus is highly durable in nature and stable enough even when you use it at high speeds.
  • The anti-slip layer on the pedals is a great bonus for people who wish to exercise at top speeds.


  • The ball pin is difficult to remove in order to fold the machine.

X-Factor Vertical Climber

The second on the list of top vertical climbers under $150 is the X-Factor Vertical Climber. This machine is one of a kind workout machine suitable for all types of users. This vertical climber comes with height adjustability and can also be folded in a very simple manner to help save some space at home. There is a digital step and calories counter on this workout machine which tells you about your progress every time you step on the machine to exercise. The entire structure is highly durable and can withstand a maximum user weight of 340 pounds. The ergonomically designed structure of the machine is suitable for all body types.


  • It is highly durable and chances of the machine shaking under your weight is practically nil.
  • The vertical climber can easily be folded and kept away.


  • It does not have transportation wheel. Thus in order to move it you need to carry it.

Relife Sports Stair Climber

Although all types of vertical climbers appear to be similar, there are some minor differences which set them apart. The Relife Sports Stair Climber proves this statement. With the help of this workout machine you can perform various types of exercises such as cardio, strength training, and much more. In other words, exercising on this vertical climber is sheer fun. You enjoy your workout sessions and the machine does the rest for your health. This climber comes with a LCD monitor that shows your fitness progress such as time, calories, fat burns, and speed. With the help of this exercise machine you can easily tone and shape all your major muscle groups and also improve the natural balance of your body. It comes with 5 different resistance adjustments and the entire structure is made of square steel tubing to ensure proper stability during your exercise routine.


  • Easy fitness progress report available on the LCD display of the machine.
  • Multiple resistance adjustments ensure that you do not get bored with your exercises on the climber.


  • Some plastic parts may crack after a few days of use.

Ancheer Vertical Climber

How would you feel if you are given a vertical climber which also comes with an attached exercise bike? This product is basically a two-in-one exercise machine, it is a combination of a vertical climber and an exercise bike. You can use the bike for a warmup session. It will help workout your knees, ankles, and thighs before you get on the climber for a more intense workout. It comes in a foldable design which makes it highly appropriate to be used at homes. Simple store it under your bed or against the wall when not in use. You will also find a LCD screen on the climber which shows all the vital information about your workout session such as distance, time, calories burned, and speed. It has easy height adjustability and the handlebars come with a soft spongy cover to help you feel comfortable even on long workout sessions. The entire structure is ergonomically designed and gives a perfect full body workout for any user.


  • The maximum user capacity of the machine is 220 pounds or 100kgs making it highly suitable for almost every user.
  • The steel alloy structure makes the machine highly durable and gives it adequate stability to help you exercise freely and for as long as you want.


  • The pedal placement may not be comfortable for some users.

Merax Vertical Climber

This vertical climber is designed to imitate the natural climbing motion of a person. You can easily alter the intensity of your workout sessions on this machine by simply changing the length and height of your strides. Exercising on this vertical climber helps you to get a well sculpted body, rock-hard abs, and well-curved legs. It helps to burn those excess body fat at a fast pace unlike many other workout machines in the market. The body of this climber is made with square steel tubes to provide durability and stability to the entire structure. The LCD monitor displays information about your exercises such as calories burned, speed, time, and distance traveled. It comes with 5 different height adjustability


  • The multiple height adjustments of the machine makes it suitable for users from different height groups.
  • You can easily fold it and store it away to save space.


  • Pedals may appear to be small for some users.
  • Stability of the frame may be an issue if you exercise at high speeds.


Out of all the Best Vertical Climber Under $150 options discussed above, the clear winner is the Merax Vertical Climber (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE). It is designed in a perfect manner and with multiple height adjustments, different users can use it with ease. It also has a maximum user weight capacity of 340 pounds which is big enough to accommodate a large person with ease. However, it is important to note here that choosing any type of workout machine takes time. you need to choose one which fulfills your budget and needs.

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