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Best Nike Running Shoes Under $100 in 2018


Best Nike Running Shoes Under $100 for 2018

I agree that you can run in almost anything; Stilettos, tennis shoes, football shoes, your pick. You can even run barefoot if you so choose. One thing is certain though, if you are running to keep fit and it’s a routine in your day to day life, then you will need a pair that is specifically designed for just that.

Here we wish to take a look at the Best Nike Running Shoes Under 100, but before we do, let’s delve into what makes a good pair of running shoes.

What to Look for in a Good Pair of Nike Running Shoes

The best running shoes need to provide you with excellent grip and traction. When you are running outside as opposed to using a treadmill, you are very likely going to come across different textured grounds. Some may be slippery and wet or dry and hard. The right shoes will keep you from falling and getting injured.

Comfort is another important factor that cannot be overlooked. A shoe that is uncomfortable will leave you the worst for wear. You will not be able to run as long as you would like. Well cushioned shoes will ensure that you reach your fitness goals while keeping you safe from injuries.

Breathability is yet another factor. The nature of running means that you will burn a lot of energy. The weather might also be quite warm. You need a shoe that doesn’t get too hot for moisture to build up. This could make your skin supple enough to break resulting in blisters. Breathability means that there is ample air circulation to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable.

Lets now consider a few buying tips to help you in picking the best Nike running shoes under $100

Cost of the Shoes

The old saying cheap is expensive is well founded when looking for the best running shoes. You need to keep your budget in mind but you still need to consider that often, the higher priced shoes are better. They are also more durable.

Higher priced shoes are constructed from a higher quality upper that allows for breathability, they also have the latest technology in sockliner designs that improve on your comfort. The soles are made from tougher, more durable yet comfortable material as well.

Cheaper shoes may come with many of the features of their more expensive brethren, but these will likely not serve you for as long as you would like.

This however doesn’t mean that you break the bank. Just look at your budget and pick a shoe that best fits you. If you can afford a higher priced one, that’s cool. If not, look for one that comes close to providing the features of the higher quality shoes.

How Well they Fit

When buying a good pair of running shoes, you want to pay close attention to how well they fit around your feet. They should not be too tight or too lose, too wide, too narrow or even too shallow. These are all prerequisites for injury.

There are a few tips that you can observe to ensure a proper fitting shoe.

  1. Once you put on the sure, ensure the heel locks inside the shoe. Tie your laces tight enough but not too tight that the shoe becomes uncomfortable.
  2. There should be about half a centimeter of room left on your big toe. This is to accommodate the swelling of the feet during running ensuring that your feet are always comfortable.
  3. Ensure that the running shoe allows for maximum breathability. This is especially true if you are running in warm weather conditions. However, if you plan to run in the snow, you should pick shoe that does not allow for too much air circulation to keep your feet warm.

As you can see these tips are pretty simple to observe. However, they are often the ones that are overlooked and as a result you end up with a shoe that doesn’t quite match your running.

Going for Minimal Shoes vs. More Cushioned Shoes

This is a topic that has been in the shoe industry for quite some time now. Earlier school of thought suggested that running shoes should provide ample cushioning to deflect the shock when the foot hits the ground.

Modern manufacturers are now considering the minimalist approach which claims that the shoe should mimic as much as possible, barefoot running. It should thus provide as little support as possible to allow the feet, legs and body to get stronger. Plus its goes against nature to wear more cushioned shoes.

Whichever of these theories is right is still debatable.  I would advice that you pick a shoe that is comfortable even after extended periods of running.

How to Pick a Comfortable Nike Running Shoe Under $100

In the end when it’s all said and done, what you need is a comfortable running shoe. But what exactly defines comfort? Let’s find out.

  1. The Heel

Pay close attention to how well the heel fits once you put on the shoe. Does it fit as though the shoe was designed with your heal? Is it too tight or does it leave space for movement? The heel should be snug. Not too tight or too loose. If there is any level of discomfort to your heel the first time you try the shoe on, you can be certain that it will be maximized when you run.

  1. The Instep

This refers to the upper part of your feet. They need to be snug and comfortable. When you tie your laces, the upper should not exert pressure on the instep. You can try loosening the laces or opting for an alternative such as straps.

  1. Point of Flex

This is another important part of the shoe where you need to focus on. By holding the heel and bending the shoe along its front end, notice where the crease line develops. This should be where your feet would also bend. In case the alignment is wrong, you could develop tendon injuries.

Now that you are well equipped with the right information, you are ready to go get yourself a good pair of running shoes. Let’s consider our list of the Best Nike running shoes under $100.

Nike Men’s Flex 2017 Rn Running Shoe

If you need a pair of running shoes that provides excellent support to help you rise above the competition, then the Nike men’s flex 2017 rn are the shoes for you. Featuring a single piece upper that allows for optimum breathability, your feet are always comfortable and dry.

You can be sure that the shoe will hold on to your feet thanks to the Flywire. Experience those burst of speed you need with the comfortable round heel that helps you move from a standing position with ease.

Product Features

  • Tight and secure fit thanks to the Flywire cable design.
  • Single piece mesh upper allows for maximum breathability leaving your feet cool and comfortable
  • Mid sole that is co-molded to provide the best support for your feet.
  • Rounded heel for comfortable fit and to allow you to make moves easily
  • Specially designed midsole that has injection foam fitting for maximum foot comfort and support.
  • Maximum traction thanks to the tri-start pattern on the outsole.


  • Very comfortable on your feet
  • Comes in a variety of colors to suit your tastes
  • Provides excellent support
  • Great value for the money
  • High quality construction


  • May fit a bit too small for some people

Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Another great shoe for lovers of support and extra cushioning, the Nike men’s revolution 3 comes in plenty of colors for your individual preferences. These include black/black, blue/deep royal blue/ neo turquoise/volt just to mention a few.

The upper of the shoe is made from mesh combined with special knit panels to optimize on breathability. For durability and protection, the front and heel of the shoes made from a dense synthetic.

On the inside is a lining made form textile plus a cushioned insole ensuring that your feet are as comfortable as can be. The midsole is also quite flexible allowing you to move from a still position with the least possible effort.

The tongue and collar are also padded. The out sole is constructed from top-notch rubber. This acts to give you the best possible grip and traction.


  • Very comfortable on your feet
  • Excellent value for your money
  • Provides superior cushioning in the midsole.
  • Comes in plenty of colors
  • Fits snuggly around your feet
  • High quality construction


  • They may be too narrow for people with wider feet
  • The lace holes tend to damage easily
  • The selection size chart provided by Nike may not be very accurate
  • The cushioning is not very great and the feet may hurt after extended use

Nike Men Tanjun Running Sneaker

This shoe is designed with comfort as the primary goal. The Nike’s men tanjun is constructed from a one piece upper mesh that optimizes on breathability. Around the tongue and collar is a light yet comfortable padding allowing you to feel comfortable from every angle.

Fabric lining on the inside moulds to the shape of your feet for ample support. If you have a hammertoe or bunion, worry not as this is the perfect shoe for you. With the EVA midsole, you will be amazed at how snug your feet feel once the shoe is on.


  • Comfortable on your feet
  • Fits perfectly and are true to size
  • High quality construction
  • Light weight come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes


  • May be a bit small for people with large feet
  • They may be a bit too narrow for people with wide feet
  • The outsole is not very durable

Nike Men’s Flex Experience RN 6 Running Shoes

One of the most striking features about the Nike men’s flex experience rn 6 running shoes is the upper design. It comes with a synthetic mesh that allows for air circulation and while also having a single layer mesh in the heels.

For that extra support and cushioning, there is also a IU midsole that flexes with movement. On the outside, there are regrinding pods for extra light weight. The rubber bottom also provides excellent traction.

The upper has also been designed to fit just like a sock. This makes the shoes even more comfortable on your feet. For that natural movement, it comes with a rounded heel.


  • Attractive design
  • High quality construction
  • These shoes offers maximum breathability
  • Very comfortable on your feet
  • Well fitting shoes
  • Light weight construction


  • May come a bit too small for people with large feet
  • May be too tight and the chart may not be indicative of proper size

Nike Men Air Max Torch 4 Running Shoe

If you are looking for a great looking well designed shoe that will also help you perform on the track, then the Nike men air max torch 4 running shoe will serve you right. The upper is lightweight and made form a synthetic mesh.

On the inside is a comfortable phylon midsole that provides comfort and cushioning. Together with the Nike Air-Sole, you have a shoe that will offer you the best in comfort, breathability and support.

To provide you with that much needed grip and traction, you get a carbon fiber outsole with rubber Waffle.

You can wear these shoes on an evening run thanks to the reflective in built materials. These allow you to remain visible even in the dark. You will also get an EVA sock liner for a snug fit.


  • Provides plenty of arc support
  • Very comfortable on your feet
  • Provide a snug tight fit
  • High quality construction


  • The shoes may not come in the right size so you are advised to order a size larger


When it comes to the best Nike Running Shoes Under 100, I will undoubtedly have to go with the Nike Men’s Flex 2017 RN (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE). This is why it is at the top of our list. By offering the best in insole technology, excellent grip and maximum breathability, it is the shoe that will help you reach your goals all while keeping you safe from falling and injuries.

Granted it may be a bit too tight for people with larger and broader feet, but if you are feet are average sized, be sure that you are going to love how comfortable and lightweight they feel

Best Nike Running Shoes Under $100 in 2018
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