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Standing for long hours and walking over long distances can take a toll on your feet and cause pain, hotspots, blisters, and discomfort, which can lead to more serious bio-mechanical dysfunction and conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Good thing, there are different types of shoe inserts that can not only help ease foot aches but also help you avoid incurring foot injuries. And apart from providing comfort, stability and volume, shoe insoles that come in varying heel and arch dimensions can also help solve some of the common shoe fit problems.  We take a look at the Best Shoe Inserts below.  Whether you are looking for the best shoe inserts for walking or the best shoe inserts for standing all day we have you covered.

best shoe inserts

Types of Shoe Inserts

  1. Comfort Insolesbest shoe inserts for standing all day

    As the name suggests, this type of insoles is basically designed to comfort tired feet and relieve pain due to extended hours of walking or standing on hard surfaces.  There are arch or heel shoe inserts, and they can also come in different sizes including full length or quarter length. They also have gel or foam cushioning in them to help absorb shock and ease pressure that cause foot aches and discomfort.

  2. Support Insolesbest shoe inserts for walking

    If comfort insoles don’t do the trick or seem to worsen the pain and discomfort, you probably need more support than cushioning. For such cases, support insoles with firmer material can be a more effective and appropriate option as they are specifically designed to improve stability and provide structural support. People exhibiting supination or overpronation, and those who suffer from structural misalignment and plantar fasciitis can benefit from using support insoles for greater stability.

    To suit different foot profiles, support insoles come in different shapes and models, from which you can choose based on your need and preference. If you exhibit foot elongation when you stand or bear weight or if you have low or collapsed arches, you can try using support insoles, which help reduce elongation for better footwear fit, and which provide enough foot support to aid in the distribution of weight or impact across the foot so the pressure doesn’t get concentrated on just one side of the foot.

  3. Insole Volumeshoe insert

    While some insoles are particularly made to provide either support or cushioning, some are made to address footwear volume-related issues such as heel slippage. Hiking or ski boots are high volume shoes that are best complemented by high-volume insoles while low-volume ones such as cycling or in-line skate shoes are likely to work best with low-volume insoles. Depending on how much space you need to fill-up in your shoes to make them comfortable enough for you to stand or walk in them, you can opt for either high- or low-volume insoles. Another factor to consider when it comes to footwear volume is the thickness of your socks.

    best shoe insert for standing all dayTo extend the life of shoe inserts, which can generally last for a year with everyday use, practice some of the basic care tips such as regularly removing your insoles and airing them out, washing them by hand and with a mild sports detergent, and occasionally inspecting them for damages.

Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day
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