The RYKA Influence Women’s Shoes and You

They say a good pair of shoes is a woman’s best friend. If that is so, then the RYKA Influence Women’s Training Shoe is likely to be your new best buddy whether you are cross-training or doing some Zumba.  Check out the RYKA Shoes Reviews.

As one of the world’s leading sports brands for women, RYKA is known for its training shoes specially designed to suit women’s fitness needs. Be it for studio and high-impact cross training or low-impact dance workouts and aerobics, RYKA definitely has your feet covered.

Owing to its brilliant technology and engineering, the RYKA influence women’s training shoe ranks high in terms of comfort, support, flexibility, and aesthetic design. With its light weight, narrow heel, roomy forefoot, increased step volume and secure footbed, it’s no surprise it’s one of the highly recommended training shoes for women.

RYKA Influence (The Original)

Ryka Shoes ReviewsThis is the shoe that started it all.  The most popular Women’s cross trainer.  This model offers the most variety in colors, probably because they have been around the longest.  You have the option between 12 awesome vibrant color combinations to please even the pickiest of tastes.

  • Colorful laces that have hidden eyelets
  • Collar and tongue are both padded for your comfort
  • Insole has great bounce and returns to original state
  • Great traction having the sole follow the curves of the foot
  • Sole is made of rubber

Ryka Shoes Review

RYKA Influence 2 Cross Training Shoe

ryka reviewsThe newer model of the popular women’s training shoe.  This model only comes in 3 color combinations and are not are colorful as their older sister.  This model comes with colors like Black, Steel Grey and Pink.

  • Both Synthetic and Textile
  • Sole is still rubber
  • RE-ZORB absorbs shocks from impact
  • Heel and ball of the foot have increased cushion to soften the impact
  • Ergonomic design is great for grip and support

ryka aerobic shoes

RYKA Women’s Influence 2.5 Training Shoe

ryka sneakers reviewsThis model is an updated version of the Influence 2 and really takes into account the needs for the serious fitness players.  If you are a professional who loves their dance and fitness  then this shoe is for you. Come in two cool colors.  Black/Purple and Blue/Lime (pictured to the right).

  • Upper part is mesh that can breathe
  • Fit to your foot
  • Lateral Support
  • Same super-duper cushioning
  • Unmatched grip

ryka shoe reviews


If you’re into Zumba dancing or do high-impact aerobic exercises, you’ll need shoes that are lightweight, comfortable to wear and move in, and, at the same time, can provide necessary support and high-impact protection for your feet. And with RYKA influence women’s training shoes, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Here are some of the features that account for its high comfort factor.

  1. It has removable cushioning Comfort Fit Precise-Return(TM) insole.
  2. It’s made of high quality and breathable mesh and synthetic upper.
  3. It has textile lining.
  4. It has lace-up front.
  5. It has padded tongue and collar.


Another good thing about RYKA Influence Shoe is it doesn’t compromise support for comfort. Apart from comfort cushioning, it provides superb lateral and arch support at important pressure points, and firmly secures your ankles and feet so they don’t slide or roll too much as you move. Here are some of its features with support function.

  1. It has Direct-Fuse and Flex Foil layers for better lateral support.
  2. It has RE-ZORB® midsole for greater impact protection, and shock absorption.
  3. It has dual density, high impact N-GAGE rebound foam midsole in heel and forefront for good medial support, comfort cushioning on impact, higher shape retention capacity, and for keeping the pressure off your knees.
  4. It has traction outsole for strong grip so you can avoid getting injured when dancing or moving on slippery surfaces.

With these functional support features, you can move freely, safely and comfortably.


If you want to shake and shimmy a lot, especially when Zumba dancing, then you’ll need shoes that are not only safe and comfortable to wear but are also flexible enough to let you move and dance your way to fitness. Featuring a unique and durable rubber outsole with spin spot or pivot point, the RYKA women’s influence training shoes allows you to move with superior traction, support and flexibility.


Not only is this model from RYKA packed with comfort, support and flexibility features, it’s also very chic and stylish. With a wide of range eye-catching styles, fashionable design, striking colors, and uniquely designed soles, you’re sure to find a pair that will match your style and personality, and keep you fit and trendy. With RYKA Influence women’s shoe, you can feel and look confident without limiting your movement and compromising your comfort and safety.


With hardly any doubt, this shoe from RYKA can definitely give the best value for your money. With its smart engineering and technology, high durability, unique features, and fashionable designs, you won’t go wrong investing in a pair or two. After all, this Influence fitness sneaker is sure to fit your style and meet your high-impact functional studio fitness needs.

But when it comes to shoes and as with any other thing, not one size fits all. While RYKA’s Influence training shoes are specifically designed to cater to women’s needs, not all women have the same feet structure. And although Influence women’s shoes come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, it’s good to know your feet and your specific needs before buying a pair. Here are some pointers when choosing which shoe to buy.

  1. If you have low arches or flat feet and your feet tend to roll inward, you’ll need shoes with maximum support and motion-control feature. On the other hand, if you have high arches and your feet tend to roll outward, you should go for cushioned shoes with soft midsole. If you have neutral arch, shoes with the right mix of cushion and support would be best for you.
  2. Go by what fits you and not by what the shoe size is. Sizes vary among brands so it’s best to try them on and see if they fit you perfectly before buying them.
  3. Fit your shoes with your socks on.
  4. Shoes should instantly feel comfortable the first time you wear them. Try walking or running around the store a bit to get a feel of how they are when in action.
  5. There should be about a thumb’s width between the end of the shoe and your big toe’s front. Your heel shouldn’t slip out when you walk and your toes should be able to wiggle freely when you have your shoes on.

Once you’re able to find the perfect pair of shoes for your training, you’ll have one less reason to put off working out, and one more reason to get on your feet and start sweating. You can start with low-impact exercises like Zumba dancing, which is a fun and effective way to your fitness goals or even go for high-impact aerobic exercises. Whatever you’re up for, there’s a very good chance that there’s a RYKA influence women’s training shoes that will perfectly fit your feet and give you just the right amount of comfort, support and flexibility so that you can get the most of your workout time.

And with all of RYKA’s great designs and styles that you can choose from, you’re sure to find the best workout pal that can make you feel and look good every time you get them on and in action.

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RYKA Influence Shoes Zumba Sneakers Reviews
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