Power Racks – Choosing the Right One Is Important

Do you often go to your local gym? Have you seen large and heavy metallic cage like structures on one side of the gym? This is known as the power rack or the squat rack. It has all the heavy weight lifting equipment stacked up on it. As the name suggests, these cage like structures are important for people, who do heavy squats with heavy weights. Many professional body builders have said that there are no other equipment at any gym, which can provide a complete body workout like a squat rack. If you visit a nearby sports store or search on the internet, you will come to know that there are various types of power racks available in the market. By any chance, are you also planning to buy one for your regular use at home? If indeed you are thinking of buying a power rack, then choosing one blindly may not be a suitable idea.

Points To Ponder While Shopping For a Squat Rack

  1. The Available Space At Home: Power racks are quite big in size. They will require a large area of free-space in your house. Do you have such an area at home? Since some squat racks are taller than others, you also have to consider the height of your ceiling before you buy such an equipment. Without thinking about this factor, it may be quite risky to buy it. Make sure that the space you calculate is much larger than the space needed for the equipment. This will allow you to do your workouts freely and also move around the rack as and when needed.
  2. Your Budget: When it comes to purchasing an exercise equipment, you must have chalked out a budget in your mind. Does the rack you choose fit within the budget? Do you have to shell out more money to buy a power rack? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a rack. Without considering a possible budget, buying anything costly makes no sense at all. If you are going to use a squat rack for the first time, it is always a good idea to buy a cheaper model. On the other hand, if you are well aware of how to use a power rack, then opting for a costly one will be suitable.
  3. Accessories Provided: Whenever you decide to buy a power rack, always consider the accessories provided with the equipment. It is important to note that some manufacturers provide a lot of accessories and some provide just a handful. Are you in need of power rack accessories? Answering this question should help you decide which type of squat rack to choose for your daily use.
  4. Presence of a Stabilizer: Amongst the modern power racks available in the market, most of them come with stabilizer bars. These are usually attached with the squat rack and run along the bottom rear-side of the equipment. If a squat rack is not anchored to the ground, as it should be, these stabilizer bars ensure that the entire equipment does not fall off. Always buy a rack which has no such bars or comes with detachable or thin bars. This is simply because these bars have a tendency of coming in-between during your workout. It may cause an accident, which is best avoided.
  5. Comes With A Dip Bar And A Chin-Up Bar: Before you go about shopping for a power rack, make sure that it comes with a chin-up bar, as well as, a dip bar. While exercising with heavy weights, you may feel like doing some light workouts, as well. If you do not have such facilities in the rack, then it may not help you in doing light workouts.
  6. Heavy and Big Enough: Always make sure that the power rack you purchase is not at all light. It should be heavy and sturdy. If this is not the case, then you may not be able to workout freely and confidently in the squat rack. At the same time, the equipment should also be big enough to allow you to perform overhead press inside the enclosure of the power rack. If it is wide, it will prove to be more stable and thus safer than otherwise.

How Can Using A Power Rack Benefit You?

Most of you must be thinking about not buying a squat rack considering the space it may need in your room. However, there are several benefits of using one at home. Some of these advantages have been discussed below.

  • Build More Muscles: It has been observed that if you work out on a machine, you tend to build less muscles in your body as compared to exercising on a squat rack. These equipment are designed to go at par with free weights. Using free weights over the years will help you get stronger and build more muscles. Exercising with free weights will help tone your primary, together with your stabilizing muscles.
  • Exercise Anytime You Want: If you visit your gym, you may have to do so during a specific time of the day. It might not be possible for you to get some free time during those hours to workout at the gym. However, if you have a squat rack at home, you can do your exercises anytime you want.
  • Save Some Money: How much do you pay for your gym membership? Add to that the cost of fuel to go to your gym and back home. The money you spend on the fuel and membership can easily be saved if you buy a power rack to be used at home.
  • Can Be Used For Different Forms Of Exercises: In-between heavy workouts, you may feel like doing some light ones, as well, such as chin-ups, bench presses, and dips. With the help of a power rack this is quite possible.

Ideas to Help You Decide Which Power Rack To Choose

So, you have finally decided to buy a squat rack for your regular use. You have also emptied a spot at home where you plan to place it. However, you may still be wondering how to decide which model to buy. There are several ideas which can help you in this matter.

  1. Discuss With A Trainer: Do you know a good and experienced physical trainer, who probably works at a gym? You may seek his advice as to which type of power rack to choose for your regular use. With his knowledge and experience he may be able to guide you along the right path and also give useful advice as to which models to consider and which ones to avoid.
  2. Check Online: There are millions of websites, which contain information about various types of exercising equipment available in the market. You may check these sites during your leisure time. Reading their content will give you some useful information about the various types of squat racks, their features, and their prices. Most of the websites will also give you a comparison of the different models in a tabular format. This comparison should help you a lot in choosing the right model for your home use.
  3. Visit The Stores: One of the best and simplest ways of finding out about the various types of power racks is to visit the sports stores in your city. Discuss your requirement with the store keepers and see what suggestions they give with regards to the type of squat rack most suitable. Since they have been in the business for a long time, they should be able to give you good suggestions.

Maintaining Your Squat Rack Is an Art

Do you think that using a squat rack at home will not require any maintenance on your part? Well, you may think again! Just like any equipment, power racks also require periodic maintenance. Wondering how to do so at home? Here are some tips for your knowledge.

  1. Ensure The Screws Are Tight: If you use any machinery for a long time, the screws are bound to get loose. If you ignore this fact and do not tighten it on time, then you may have to face a serious accident in the days to come. It is always a good idea to avoid these situations and fix any loose screws on your power rack on time. Always keep the necessary tools handy, so that you can easily tighten any loose screws you notice on your squat rack.
  2. Wipe The Bars: Workout for long hours and you are bound to sweat. This sweat may drip on the various parts of the squat rack. If you do not wipe the bars on a regular basis, then the sweat may damage the bars. Once the bars starts to corrode, it may break down any moment. It is better to avoid such mishaps and wipe the sweat daily after use. Thus, keeping a dry piece of cloth nearby is a good idea.
  3. Take The Help Of A Professional: If you notice anything seriously wrong with your power rack, then do not make the mistake of rectifying it on your own. Seek professional help to deal with the defect. This is for your own safety.

Avoid Certain Commonly Made Mistakes While Shopping

While shopping for power racks, many people make several mistakes. If you can avoid such errors, then it would make things very simple for you. However, unless you know about these mistakes then it would be impossible for you to avoid them. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by first time buyers of power racks.

  1. Choosing A Squat Rack Blindly: Most of the time, users buy a squat rack blindly. They do not feel the need to compare different products on the basis of their features and price. This should be avoided at all costs. If you are going to buy such a machine for the first time, it is always a good thing to compare the different types of power racks available in the market. This will give a better idea about the various types, their features and also the possible price tags.
  2. Choosing a Store Blindly: Just like buyers choose a power rack blindly, most of the times they also choose a store blindly. For example, if a person is recommended a store which sells squat racks, then the person shop from the same store instead of trying to find other better stores with better products at more competitive rates. If you do not try to find more stores, which sell similar products, then it will not be possible for you to get a good deal.
  3. Buy without Doing Their Homework: How often have you seen people shopping for something new, without trying to find out more about the product? It is needless to say that there are several manufacturers which produce power racks. Their products will vary from each other on the basis of price, quality, and features. If you are serious about buy a squat rack, it is always a good idea to do your research work about such things and then go out to shop.

A power rack is a big equipment which is ideal for body builders or people who are serious about staying fit and strong. This is why it is always advisable to buy a squat rack after considering a lot of factors at the same time. Do not make any hasty decisions while shopping for one. This may lead to serious mistakes in the long run and may result in a complete waste of time and money. It is also a good idea to use a power rack under the supervision of a trainer so that you will get acclimatized with the way to use it. Then it will make it much easier for you to use one at home. Since it is a matter of your own health, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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