ONNIT Star Wars Kettlebells

The Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells represent an interesting option to complete your workouts. Star Wars fans will be glad to know they can now perform their training sessions using the kettlebells with a unique design. There are two options to choose from and they include the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper options. They come with 70lbs respectively 60lbs which makes them a great solution for condition training.

The kettlebells will thus prove to be a great gift idea but they can also work for any fan of the Star Wars series. Since they are made by Onnit, their quality will also represent a strong point which is worth to consider in the long-term.

Types of workouts for the kettlebells

So which types of workouts can be performed using the Onnit StarWars Kettlebells? The reality is that the number of exercises which can be performed with the weights is impressive. You will get the opportunity to train both for strength and for cardiovascular resistance which makes the weights a versatile option for any type of fitness goal. Furthermore, the weights will prove to be a good option for circuit training as well.

If you prefer to train at home, you can use the weights for full-body workouts. Thus, you can incorporate them into the exercises which target all the major muscle groups. Thus, shoulder exercises will prove easier as will the exercises for the chest. You can also use the weights to train your arms and legs. Furthermore, if you want to develop your abs, the weights will also prove to be a good option for core exercises.

If you want to lose weight, the kettlebells will thus prove to be a good option when it comes to cardiovascular strength. Intense exercises which combine the kettlebells with other types of routines come with a major plus when it comes to the overall versatility of a workout. Thus, you can take the opportunity to ensure you give your maximum effort whenever you want to improve your conditioning.

Even more, the weights can be part of a home gym or a commercial gym set. They can thus complete a set of weights which can add good versatility to your training routine. Furthermore, since they come with a durable construction, they will prove to be one of the best options for people looking to build a good physique in the following years. This is why the weights can be part of any type of home or commercial gym set.

The OnnitStarWars Kettlebells represent a unique method of training which is inspired by your favorite movie. Since there are a good couple of options to choose from, you will have the ability to train with your favorite movie stars. The good news is that the weights are actually usable as they come with a solid construction. This recommends them as one of the top options for the hardcore fans who also need to ensure they get a good workout.

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Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells Review
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