Body Solid GDR363 Dumbbell Rack with Hex Dumbbells Review

The Body Solid GDR363 Dumbbell Rack with Hex Dumbbells represents a solid option for the serious home user. If you are looking to improve your fitness at home, a good set of dumbbells is mandatory. Thus, you will be able to use it for a wide variety of purposes and interestingly, it will prove to be a great solution for all your muscle groups.


  • 10 sets of dumbbells
  • Durable rack
  • Different weights


  • Not for hardwood floors


When it comes to using a top set of dumbbells, nothing can beat pure iron. This is why the set can represent one of the best options for the dedicated user. The weights of the dumbbells will cover a larger selection and they will start with the minimum 5lbs weights and go up to the heaviest 50lbs weights. With a durable rack, they will also be easy to store. This means that you can keep your home organized. Even more, the set will come with a rubber mat in case you drop any weights while picking them up or putting them down.


The hexagonal design of the weights recommends them for all types of users. This design has been prove to work for accident-prevention purposes. Thus, they will not be able to roll on the floor. Together with the sturdy rack, they will work for a large number of users and they will prove to be a good option even in the future, when your strength and muscle size increases. Thus, they will be a good option for those who want to improve their performance beyond the classic adjustable options which are just not enough from a certain point onwards.

With 20 dumbbell sets, you will be to cover all the major muscle groups. This includes the shoulders, the arms, the chest and the back and even the back. Furthermore, the smaller dumbbells can be integrated with the core exercises which activate the abdominal muscles. This can thus be one of the most interesting options when it comes to perfuming at the highest level and improving your body’s fitness at home.

The Body Solid GDR363 Dumbbell Rack with Hex Dumbbells are thus among the most interesting options when it comes to performing at the highest level in the comfort of your own home. While the set might lack the finesse of the premium designs, it will prove to be more than enough when it comes to the performance. This will have the sets work to your advantage and it will be one of the best solutions when looking to gain or lose weight. The set includes the rack which will prove to be of real help when it comes to organization and space-saving. It can also be a good solution for those who want to perform at the highest level with pure iron, without any other special designs. With a good selection of weights, you can have all you need to begin working out at home.

Body Solid GDR363 Dumbbell Rack with Hex Dumbbells Review
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