Bodyweight Training Vs Weight Lifting

There are multiple variations on how one might gain strength including cardio work like running to increase endurance, free-weights that needs some equipment, gym machines that require costly equipment that does not even produce quality results like free-weights or bodyweight equivalents, and bodyweight exercises such as squats or push-ups that need nothing but your body or minimal equipment like a TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Rip Trainer or Push Up Bars.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training and exercises are tremendously effective and convenient. You will be making use of “what your mamma gave you” as your resistance and therefore need no gym subscription or any equipment. Generally, bodyweight training is considered as the type of training for beginners who are not prepared for heavy weights. Another concept commonly held is that bodyweight training is for conditioning for sports like martial arts or boxing, or for muscular endurance.

Preventing injuries is easy because these exercises are so simple. Bodyweight training is much more forgiving unlike most types of weightlifting if you are a novice when it comes to strength training and require assistance with your form on your exercises.

On the other hand, whether you are a world-class gymnast or a recovering couch potato, bodyweight training and exercises are also extremely simple to adjust to your ability level. In addition, they let you develop better awareness and control. Using nothing else but bodyweight exercises, you can the body you have always dreamed about.

Free Weight Exercises

Free weight training is considered the basis for strength training. They are exercises performed with barbells and dumbbells. They are excellent and superb when looking to build a balanced and strong physique because they work your stabilizers and muscles. They are also helpful in strengthening your metabolism, improving the strength of your tendons as well as improving your bone density. Another concept generally held is that weight training is for muscular strength.

Weight Machines

Home Gym Machines give a particular defined activity and limit your movements in order to keep away from bad form. For this reason, they are fantastic for rehab-type exercises. Furthermore, they are excellent for beginners. Weight machines are a good starting point, if you are new to the world of weightlifting.

These machines cannot bring the type of overall body results that can be achieved with free-weight or bodyweight exercises. Machines classically segregate a single muscle group, and as your increase your strength, it is potentially dangerous.

Try as much as possible to stop using machines when you have a professional trainer as your observer that will teach you the proper way to lift without machines in order to engage your whole body, instead of a small constrained area.

Final Thoughts for Bodyweight Training Vs. Lifting

While bodyweight training doesn’t require the use of weight or any other dedicated machine apart from the fact that the practitioner makes use of his or her own body to give the necessary resistance for opposing the movements, lifting centers on the use of diverse kinds of specialized weights or machines to oppose the force generated by muscles in the course of repeated movements.

Bodyweight training is more appropriate for people who want to maintain their bodies without gaining excess muscle mass and for beginners. On the other hand, lifting is suitable for individuals who want to gain some muscle mass.

In order to guide against plateauing, lifting heavy weights are especially useful. But as a matter of fact, both bodyweight training and lifting are great strength training techniques. Consequently, they should be an integral part of your general fitness plan.

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Bodyweight Training vs Weight Lifting
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