The Benefits of a Rowing Machine

If you are looking for a machine that will burn calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system efficiently, Rowing Machine is the perfect choice for you.


When you make a decision to improve your health, your initial step does not necessary have to be thumping the pavement on a grueling, long-distance run. Regular rowing workouts are the perfect way to work towards utmost physical fitness if you join a gym.

A rowing machine will not only help you increase your stamina but also build and strengthen your cardiovascular function and tone your muscles. On the other hand, it provides a way to exercise individually or as a group in a moderately economical and high-reward format even as you are focusing on numerous fitness components.

A roving machine is premeditated to imitate the workout carried out when you are rowing a boat in the water and predominantly efficient for older fitness aficionados as it places no strain on your back and joints. It comes with some kinds of monitors to track calories burned, power, speed and distance. Rowing machine is strong and works.

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Why Rowing Machine?

There are many benefits of a rowing machine including the following:

Tones Body Muscles

Owing to the fact that rowing makes use of almost each major muscle group in the body, rovers work their buttocks, hips and legs with each stroke and with little pressure on the joints due to the nature of low-impact activity. In addition, this machine works the upper-body muscles, arms, shoulders and back.

Cardiovascular Fitness Improvement

On every occasion you do continuous exercise that increases your breath volume and heart rate, you are working on your cardiovascular fitness. Making use of a rowing machine is an endurance exercise that boosts heart function and uses carbohydrate to offer the energy needed to the exercise. The fact that rowing engages every major muscle group of your body makes it great. You will maintain a high level of speed with little resistance when you keep rowing machine tension at a low level this will make you to achieve and maintain an aerobic situation.

Through rowing, your heart will pump more blood to your working muscle tissue to transport nutrients and energy to your body cells while flushing away waste by-products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Rowing machine improves your cardiovascular fitness when you breathe harder and your heart pumps harder during rowing, even though your body may not like it at the initial stage.

Relatively Economical

The investment on this machine is reasonably low unlike some other cardio equipment, whether you buy your own or use one at a gym. However, do your due meticulousness to go through feedback and reviews before buying your machine.

Easily Accessible

If you cannot afford machine rovers, they are available at nearly all gyms and they are accessible throughout the year. Interestingly, users are not required to wear a life jacket or know how to swim before accessing this machine. In other words it is worth giving a try by all and sundry.

Increases Full-Body Muscular Strength and Endurance

As a matter of fact, you can increase your muscular endurance and muscular strength as with swimming, when rowing. This is simple because you are constantly pushing and pulling against opposition of your workout, stimulating physiologic adaptations that enable a muscle group to keep applying force without corresponding fatigue. As a result, your muscles will develop and grow stronger by increasing resistance over time.

Final Word

Rowing with a rowing machine is an excellent form of exercise. However, you must note that inadequate use of this machine and poor form of rowing can cause injury, most especially to the lower back in the course of drive phase of the exercise. Ask for tips and guides from a trainer, if you have never used this machine before to make sure you are using it correctly. Moreover, start low and work your way up, just like any form of exercise. Have you given this machine a try?

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Benefits of a Rowing Machine
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