Stamina 1399 ATS Air Rower

If you want to work your way to your fitness goals by doing low-impact, full-body cardio exercises without having to go to the gym, then a Stamina Rowing Machine may just be Air Rowerthe perfect rower for you. Low-impact exercises put minimal stress on your joints, and a full-body workout is good for upper and lower body conditioning. With an in-home air rower, you can do both at the same time at comfort of your own home, and conveniently burn those unwanted calories for a healthy and perfectly chiseled body.

Stamina Rower

Of course, not just any kind of in-home rowing machine will do. You’ll need a high-quality one that’s excellently engineered, perfectly functional, has practical features, and is comfortable and easy to use. Otherwise, you’ll just be putting your time, money and effort to waste.

To streamline your options, you’ll need to know what specific features and factors you should consider when you go looking for the indoor rowing machine that can give you an effective workout experience at home. Fortunately, Stamina has set quite a high standard for in-home rowers with the following features available in their Stamina 1399 Air Rower.

Stamina Air Rower 1399

Stamina 1399 Air Rower

  1. It utilizes wind resistance for a comfortable and smooth yet challenging rowing workout. The Air Rower lets you determine the resistance intuitively–the harder and faster you row, the higher the resistance level will be. This helps you get just right amount of resistance when exercising so you can get maximum results from your workout without injuring your muscles.
  2. Its multi-function electronic performance monitor displays exercise data such as speed, distance, time and calories burned so you can accurately track your progress and assess your workout.
  3. Its padded and upholstered sliding seat is engineered to provide maximum ease and comfort while working out..
  4. Its oversized, angled seat rail allows for smooth sliding and easy seat return.
  5. Its textured handgrips are designed for comfortable, secure and stable grip while rowing.
  6. Stamina Air Rower ReviewsIts large footplates can accommodate a wide range of sizes.
  7. It has adjustable nylon foot straps that keep your feet in place when you workout.
  8. Its nylon rowing strap is highly durable.
  9. It has sturdy steel frame construction, and the frame can be quickly folded for easy storage.
  10. It has built-in wheels so you can easily move it from one place to another.
  11. As a safety feature, it has rubber floor protectors that prevent skidding.


• Assembled dimensions: 77 by 18 by 22 (L x W x H)
• Folded dimensions: 48 by 18 by 28 inches (L x W x H)
• Maximum user weight: 250 pounds

With all of these features available in Stamina Air Rowing Machine, getting a smooth, comfortable and solid rowing workout is no longer just a fitness experience that you can only dream about. Get one for yourself, add commitment and consistency, and you’re on your way to a fit and healthy body.

Stamina 1399 ATS Air Rower

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