everlast elite leather speed bag reviewEverlast Elite Leather Speed Bag Review

The Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag comes with top grade leather which makes it a good choice for intense use. If you plan to use a speed bag every day, the Elite Leather might be a good option for you in your home and even at the gym. With reinforced seams, you will enjoy good durability with the bag which is what you need alongside top performance. Everlast thus combined top quality leather with a top seam design to offer a complete speed bag that you can enjoy for a long time.


  • Top leather
  • Reinforced seams
  • Balanced rebounds
  • Medium size

everlast elite leather speed bag reviews


  • Not for advanced users


everlast leather speed bag reviewThe Everlast Elite Leather speed bag comes to show that even beginners can enjoy quality products with good rebound. This means the balanced bag will perform well with rebounds and can be used to maintain a good punching rhythm. This is very important as the rhythm will dictate the performance of the speed bag.

You can start using the bag with two punches with a single hand before repeating with the other hand. This warm up technique might also be a good training routine if you are just starting out with speed bags. The good news is that even these rhythm can allow you to develop good hand-eye coordination and this is why the bag should be considered if you are planning on starting with the activity in the comfort of your own home. The lightweight design comes with a medium size which is perfect for most beginners and intermediates.

The durability of the speed bag is also superb. It is largely influenced by the design of the product which uses top grade leather for the top performance. Together with reinforced seams, it provides a durable speed bag which can even be used with higher punching rhythms. This means you will be able to execute multiple punches with a single hand at a higher speed. But you’ll also be able to execute alternate punches which each hand which is perfect for maintaining an elevated heart rate together with improving hand-eye coordination at higher speeds.

everlast elite leather speedbag reviews

The speed bag offers a solid platform which will be the base of your best performance. But as a beginner, you will want to focus on developing the right rhythm which will be the foundation for your newly mastered skills. With good rhythm and with frequent change of rhythm you will have the opportunity to improve your coordination but also work some major muscle groups of the upper body. These muscles involve the biceps and the triceps, the forearm muscles and even the back muscles. This means you can use the speed bag as a warmup routine for your upper body workouts as well.

With a durable design and a lightweight construction, the Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag represents a good entry-level option for home use. Without using complicated designs, it manages to provide a good speed bag performance which maintains accurate rebounds and in the end, this is all you need.  If you do not have the platform already you can check out the best speed bag platform here.

Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag Review
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