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Choosing the Best Speed Bag Platform should be fun as it should motivate you to perform your training routines. But there is some bad news as well. Since there are so many platforms to choose from, not all of them will be suited for your home or your gym. You`ll have to consider the mounting system which needs to be usable in your situations. If you plan to use it with friends or in a commercial environment you will need to ensure the materials and construction are robust.

This is why learning how to choose the best speed bag platforms can be crucial in any successful purchase. Unlike other acquisitions, sports equipment is crucial for developing your skills and also preventing injuries. This is why you will need to carefully consider all options for the best results.

best speed bag platformTop tips to choose a speed bag platform for home use

When you are choosing a speed bag for home use there are some characteristics which will make it the best choice from so many alternatives. The good news is that you can find thousands of models to choose from and can even concentrate on finding something which combines performance with a modern design to suit your home. The characteristics include:

Easy mount system

Having a speed bag platform which is easy to mount is essential for home users. Unlike commercial gyms, you don’t have access to a team of specialist who can setup the system for you. And then you don’t have any professional help in fine-tuning the system which means you’ll, most likely, have to do everything yourself. But this is not all bad news since you can still find manageable speed bag platforms.

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This is often overlooked for new users, but having an easy mounting system can make a real difference in performance, especially when pushing your records. This is why you will first have to assess your desired location in your home. You will need to ensure there is enough room to mount the platform and then you’ll need to ensure your walls are made so they can support the system.

This can also mean you’ll have to find different solutions which might involve mounting the platform in the garage or even the basement. This will mean you’ll have to ensure there’s no damp or mold on the walls before mounting the platform. You’ll also have to check for new possibilities you might not even consider. These locations can include attics or even outdoor spaces which are sheltered against rain. This is the time when you will need to be creative with your organizing skills.


Weight plays an important role in the mounting of the platform. It influences performance and can also keep your walls safe. Needless to say, that you need to check if your walls can actually hold the speed bag platform. If you’re unsure, you can call a specialist to assess your walls’ strength. But you can also try for yourself. However, it will be difficult to prove the walls are strong enough for the platform without making some damages. This is why it is important to check the weight of your desired product before actually purchasing it. Depending on the surface of your wall, you will be able to tightly lock the platform which can only improve stability and performance.


Although you are using the speed bag platform at home, you will need to consider the pricing with your purchase. The good news is that you can choose from all types of prices made for all types of pockets. The bad news is that the cheapest options are usually not made for performance.

So what does this mean in real life? It means that the cheaper options cannot come with a perfect fit or perfect construction materials and this might affect your top performance. Since there are some other alternatives to choose from, you will be tempted to just choose a cheaper design. But the truth is that home users can also benefit from more premium designs which are made for optimum performance.

Since you will need to spend more money on other equipment such as gloves or straps, you will want to put a top limit to your spending power. This means you will have to stick to a budget which will incorporate all the necessary equipment you need, not just the speed bag platform.

Top tips to choose a speed platform for commercial useadjustable speedbag platform

Commercial use can usually mean using a speed bag platform in a gym or recovery center. Most speed bag platforms are easy to use but they qualify for durability and performance. If you are looking to use the platform in a commercial setting you will also be subject to different warranty conditions, this means you’ll need some extra attention to make the most out of your model and to ensure it has good durability and the best performance.


The durability of the platforms plays an essential role in a commercial environment. This is why you will need to choose better materials and a better construction quality which can actually improve the experience by making it smooth. As many gym-goers know, good equipment doesn’t necessarily stand out but it is certainly visible when not functioning properly on when not up to standard.

Most of the times with commercial equipment you will be facing some difficult decision. On one hand, you will want a great design which fits with the environment and on the other hand, you will want a top performer which can be used by multiple users each day. If you’re unsure the durability you can always look for smaller features such as wood protection or vibration reduction technologies. These are known to play an important role in the performance of the platform and are increasingly important in a gym environment.

wall mounted speed bag


Warranty is closely related to durability. Usually, the more durable a product is the more it will last. But commercial might be different as it entitles more users every day. This means you’ll have to look for commercial warranty and in this case, the conditions change. But what if you decide to use home equipment for a small gym? It is often the case when small gyms don`t bother to look or commercial warranty and conditions and just purchase speed bag platforms made for home use. Even in this case, they are still mounted by a professional which at least improves stability and vibration control.

Price range

Pricing can play an important role in a commercial environment. It all has to do with the frequency of the purchases. If you purchase gym equipment often you will, most likely, look to pay less for it. If you are building a new gym or if you only invest in quality equipment, you will pay more for a better product.

The price will also dictate your expectations. And this is not debated enough. If you pay more you expect a product to come with better performance and improved durability.

Top speed bag platforms to choose from

The best speed bag platform is always debatable and can be down to the user to establish which design works the best for a certain situation. This is the case for most users but many people struggle deciding on the best choice for their needs. Here are the top options to choose from:

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

The Everlast speed bag platform comes with an adjustable design with a 24-inch diameter board. The product comes with a 120-warranty which is limited to use by the book according to the recommended tips from the manufacturer. The strike board comes with a thickness of one inch and it is adjustable or any height. This makes it a good choice for users who plan to have their family members using the speed bag as well. The speed bag platform can work for home use and even commercial use as it comes with the swivel and two brace boards. If you are mounting it yourself, you`ll be glad to know that the platform comes with all the equipment you need to start using it for the first time.

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platformboxing speed bag platforms

The XMark XM-4441 comes with amazing adjustability which is more than enough for most users. The platform is based on a solid construction which plays an essential role in stability and vibration reduction. The steel frame offers commercial-grade stability which makes the platform a recommended option. The drum is made from premium wood and can fit any environment with its 24 inch construction. But the premium construction continues with the ball bearing swivel which is made to a high standard.

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

The XM-2811 platform comes with a beautiful 24 inch drum make from oak wood which can present a touch of class to any environment. The platform is made with quality materials which are a staple of the manufacturer. This can be seen with the ball bearing swivel which comes to the highest standard. As you may expect, the speed bag platform comes with a steel frame. This will represent a solid base and will also improve performance by minimizing vibration while maintaining good stability.

Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platformwall mount speed bag platform

Valor’s speed bag platform comes with an industrial design which recommends it for intense use. It can work in a commercial environment or even at home with multiple users. The steel frame represents a good base for the platform and can present more interest as it supports the protective ring around the platform. The product also comes with decent adjustability which may be a good option if you plan to make it the equipment for multiple users. With a 13 inch adjustment, the platform represents a top choice for home or commercial use.

TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

The TITLE Precision adjustable speed bag platform comes with a durable design which recommends it for intense use. This might be the case of industrial settings or can even represent a good choice for multiple home users who need a durable design. The look of the platform also stands out. The laminated walnut works great with any environment. Of course, the platform also comes with good adjustability as it can offer a range of 14 inches.

Balazs Twelve Inch Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Balazs’ speed bag platform comes with a simple and durable design. Because of this, the manufacturer offers an impressive lifetime warranty. If you are looking for adjustments, you need to know it comes with a range of up to 12 inches which places it in the low adjustment category. However, the platform delivers a great design based on steel and the fantastic maple drum wood.

XMark Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform XM-2848portable speed bag platform

XMark’s speed bag platform with work for heavy duty use. It is made or heavy bag stand and commercial use and this is why it is based on a solid design. If you plan to use it at home, you need to ensure you have enough space to use it at maximum capacity. Made with a steel frame, the stand can present a good option for those looking for a robust design. But it also comes with an attractive look which is based on the hardwood oak drum which measures an impressive 24 inches.

What to look for in a speed bag platform

If you like one of the speed bag platforms above, you should know that some features can really differentiate them both in terms of performance and in terms of looks. For example, a steel frame may present a good option for durability while a wide drum might add a touch of class to any environment. Here are the top features to consider

best speed bag platform for the money

Frame construction

The frame plays an essential role in the stability and durability of the speed platform. Although you might think that steel is an outdated material in an age where new metals are used in sports equipment, it still represents a solid option if you are looking for a solid design. This is why if you plan to make a purchase to last for years to come, you will need to look for the most durable frames which are usually made from steel. But the frame can also have another crucial role which is not discussed enough.

The frame material is vastly responsible for the stability of the platform and how it will attach to the wall. This is why if you need a tight fit or the best performance you will need to look for solid frames which can allow this fit.

Adjustabilityspeed bag and platform

Adjustability plays an essential role in the angle of the performance and in the height of the user. If you plan to use it at home you may want to experiment with different heights, this is why you will need to find a platform which offers a minimum adjustability of 12 inches. If you are using it at home but also want your family members to join you, then you will also need an adjustable platform to suit different height. For commercial environments like gyms, adjustability is the number one focus of the platform. This is due to the fact that people of all height come in contact with the platform and you need to find a solution which can actually work for them. A minimum adjustability of 15 inches is not uncommon in some gyms.

Drum Material

The drum can come with a touch of class if made from premium materials. This is why you will see many manufacturers advertising the speed bag platform with the drum in the picture as it will immediately make a design statement. The good news is that there are many good models to choose from which are based on natural wood.

The bad news is that some manufacturers prefer to paint over the wood to make it blend in with the rest of the design. But you are still able to find good, natural-looking, drums which are made from woods such as oak or maple. Of course, this will also impact the final price. The rarer the wood and the higher the finish the more you will have to pay for the platform.


Size is another important element which is especially important for home users. Since you won’t have the luxury of having the optimum room with enough space to fit the platform, you will have to look for the next best thing. This will force you to be creative with the space use and in most cases, it will even direct you towards your best product.

This is why you will need to constantly look for good options for your space before making the purchase. While a steel frame is not hard to remove, you will have some holes in the wall to deal with. This is why you need to find a good permanent location for your platform which will ensure that, even in time, you will have enough room to exercise.

Total price

The total price of the setup will be different to the price of the speed bag platform. This is because most platforms don’t offer the speed bag and you will need to purchase it separately. Together with the gloves or straps, you might end up with a bigger final price. The good news is that all the extras are affordable and you can get them at the same time with the platform if you know how to set the right budget. For more

best speed bag platformHeavy bag stands

Heavy bag stands come into their own category as they are heavy and large. This means you’ll need to have enough space to safely use it and you will also need to purchase the more expensive bag which will add to the final price. The same characteristics apply to heavy bags as well. This is why you will need to look for a solid frame which can withstand daily use even for multiple users. Steel is one of the main choices for this purpose and it usually comes with a special coating to prevent it from rusting. This should be a concern if you plan to use it in an environment with low ventilation and high humidity such as a basement.

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You will also need to look for a good drum material which is made with different designs. The premium versions involve hardwood like oak which is perfect to suit all types of environments. Adjustability is also important with heavy bag stands and you will need to look for a versatile design if you want maximum performance for multiple users. But since the bag itself is also longer, this will be less of an issue than with a speed bag platform.

Another concern with heavy bag stands comes with assembly. Since the weight will be considerably higher than with a speed bag platform, you will need some help to set it up. The most strength will be required to set the bag rather than the frame. This is why it is important to look for a stable location to place the frame first.

Finding the best speed bag platform is easier when you know what to look for. Unlike other gym equipment, there are fewer technologies involved in the platform and the difference can be made with the chose materials by the manufacturers. This is why the durable materials will impact the price but it will also come with a quality product. If you`re unsure where to start, you can always look for a sturdy frame which can improve stability and reduce vibration. This is the main characteristic which you should consider and this is why you need to look for good materials which can be used in your desired location. Drum materials like hardwoods can also represent a durable choice and may even add to the overall look of the platform and as with the frame, the better the material the higher the durability will be.

Most platforms do not come with the speed bags themselves so make sure to check out some great options like the Everlast Everhide Speed Bag or the Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag.


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