Lifespan TR1200i Treadmill

Exercising regularly is important to stay away from several health problems such as heart ailments, joint aches, high blood pressure, diabetes, and increasing body weight. But the challenge faced by many people is time. If you are a busy executive or even a businessman, you will seldom get enough time even for your family and yourself. This is why the number of heart patients and diabetics have increased all across the globe. There is a lovely solution to this time-related problem. Get a treadmill and workout at home during your leisure time. This will mean no more excuses about shortage of time and no more health related issues. If you are capable enough, you can also multitask at the same time while exercising.  In this article, we take a look at the Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill.

Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

There are several types of treadmills available in the market. Some are meant for professionals, some are meant for first timers, and some are meant for people with a tight budget. One of the highly popular models is the Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill. It is not just a pocket-friendly model, it also has several features which are usually seen in professional models.

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Features of the Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

  1. The Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill comes with a large enough running space of 20 inches by 56 inches. Thus, no more excuses that you tend to fall off a treadmill while exercising.
  2. You can easily fold the machine and store it away when not in use. This way, you can save a lot of space, since a big sized treadmill does take up a large area.
  3. The deck suspension of the Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill is biomechanically correct and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  4. The LCD console of the machine is large enough and provides several vital information pertaining to the time taken on the treadmill, total distance covered, total calories burnt, and speed at which you have walked or ran.
  5. The Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill comes packed with 21 preset programs which are aimed at sports training, weight loss, heart rate improvement, and healthy living.
  6. The treadmill has a 2.5 HP motor, which runs very smoothly and almost noiselessly. Thus, you can even workout when the rest of your family members are sleeping.
  7. You can also save your track record on a USB drive. All you need to do is insert the USB drive in the port and your data gets saved automatically every 20 seconds.
  8. The speed of the treadmill can vary from 0.5 MPH to 11 MPH as per your requirement.
  9. You can also change the inclination of the machine up to a maximum of 15 levels.

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Exercises You Can Do On the Treadmill Apart From Running

If you think that treadmills are only meant for running and walking, then you are greatly mistaken. You can do several other exercises on such machines apart from running and walking. Some of the most common and simple workouts have been discussed below.

  1. Walking Lunges: If you wish to perform walking lunges on the gym floor, then it can prove to be a major cause of an accident. First of all there is ever any room in a gym and secondly a person or two will invariably appear out of nowhere to stand right in your path. Thus using the length and width of your treadmill is the best way to perform walking lunges.
  2. Side Shuffles: If you are looking for a form of exercise which can act both as a cardio and as a toning workout for your calves and outer thigh muscles, then side shuffles is the ideal workout. You can also perform it on the treadmill.
  3. Low Side Shuffles or Squat: This is excellent for your side butt and can also be performed on a treadmill. All you need to do is stand on your treadmill and spread your legs to a quarter–squat position. Increase the speed of the machine to 1-2 MPH and then slowly step forward staying in the squat position all the time.

Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

There are multiple health benefits you can enjoy if you spend an hour every day on your personal treadmill. In case you are not aware of such benefits, here are some mentioned for your knowledge.

  • Heart: When it comes to cardiac problems, there are several you may not be even aware of in the real world. If you spend an hour or so on the treadmill each day, you can easily avoid several heart ailments such as coronary artery blockages and other problems associated with the heart.
  • Diabetics: If you start counting the number of diabetics available in the world, you will probably get exhausted pretty soon. It seems as if the number of such patients is on the rise every day. Apart from having insulin injections on a regular basis, diabetics are also advised to exercise daily. Workouts can help you control diabetes with ease and also eradicate the diseases permanently if you work out every day properly and sincerely. This is why walking or running for long hours on a treadmill is always advised to diabetics by their doctors.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to choose a suitable treadmill for your personal use. This is especially true for people, who are first timers in buying such machines for home purposes. The best way to choose the right machine with ease is to do enough research on the topic. This will put you in a better position to choose. It is good to note that buying a treadmill is dependent on a lot of factors. First of all, you have to keep an eye on your budget. Always stick to your limits. Secondly, make sure you know what features you want in your treadmill. If you keep these factors in mind, then buying the right treadmill will seem like a piece of cake for you. So take your time and buy the treadmill of your choice.

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