Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE – A Stylish Rower to Thin Down

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is one of the most commonly heard proverbs across the globe. If you think about it, there is plenty of truth in this one liner. If you work or study all the time, your brain will cease to function properly. You will lose your concentration and fail to work at your optimum level. This is why it is suggested to opt for some form of physical exercise, every now and then, to boost your blood circulation and recharge your brain. If you do not work out on a daily basis, you will start feeling lethargic very soon and gain weight at a fast rate.

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When it comes to exercises, it is very important to opt for a complete body workout. This helps to get rid of excess fat from every possible corner inside your body. There are several exercise machines which can help you get a full body workout. One of the most commonly used ones is a rower. Due to the rising popularity of this machine, you will find several types of rowers at stores. Some are meant for commercial use and some are meant for personal use.

Features of Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE

One of the most commonly found rower at homes is the Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE. It packs in a lot of punch for users and comes with a pocket friendly price tag. Some of the key features of this machine are discussed below.

  1. The Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE comes with 8 different levels of resistance. This allows users to customize their workout as and when they prefer. Users can easily shift from easy to intense levels of resistance at the turn of a knob.
  2. This awesome rowing machine comes with a computer controlled LCD display screen. With the help of this display you can easily monitor your daily progress. It shows vital information about your workout session such as time spent, RPM, speed, distance travelled, and calories burnt, amongst many more.
  3. The seat of the Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE is ergonomically designed and well-padded. This ensures proper comfort for users even after exercising on the machine for a long time.
  4. The entire frame of the machine is made of solid steel to ensure several years of service. It also comes with adjustable foot pedals with security straps. This will keep your feet from slipping during your exercise routine.
  5. The Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE can be folded very easily. This will help you save some space when the machine is not in use. You may also move the machine around due to the presence of transportation wheels.

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These are just a handful of features of the Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE. The machine has all the necessary features required by users from different levels of fitness. This single compact sized rower can help you enjoy a complete body workout from the comfort of your home without spending your hard earned money on gym memberships.

Marcy Turbine Rower NS-6050RE – A Stylish Rower to Thin Down
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