xterra erg500 reviewXTERRA ERG500 Air Turbine Rower

Xterra is a brand known for their durable and high performing fitness machines such as the XTERRA ERG500 air turbine rowers. The machine utilizes wind power to generate eight levels of resistance that allows users to train and workout like they’re actually rowing on water. To conveniently increase or decrease the resistance level to suit your training need or preference, you can simply adjust the lever, which, by the way, is quite well-positioned. But there’s a lot more to this rower than the resistance levels and the lever, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at here.

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As with Xterra’s other product offerings, the ERG500 lives up to the brand’s high standard xterra erg500 rower reviewwhen it comes to durability. Made with a steel frame, this rowing machine is designed for heavy users and serious rowers. It also comes with dual slide rails made of aluminum for a flawless, unhindered rowing action. It has a solid rock built and is very sturdy so you can expect it not to wobble or have parts loosening, coming off or falling apart, which is a very important factor to consider especially if you see yourself progressing on your training and going for high intensity rowing sessions over time. And if you’re serious about your training, you also need to put high premium on your safety and not cheap out on a machine that would put your safety at risk. Better invest in a machine that allows you not just to train with maximum effectiveness and efficiency but also safely and comfortably. Otherwise, you’d risk wasting your money on a low quality machine that would not only hinder your progress but might also compromise your safety.

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Speaking of comfort, the ERG500 comes with a seat that’s wide enough to fit even large and heavy users and allow them to row comfortably without putting unnecessary strain on their rear and backs. The seat size is a very important factor that you need to take into consideration when you look for a rowing machine as a lot of people who use rowers with seats that are too small for their size would normally complain about aching backs and difficulty getting off the seat especially after long periods of rowing sessions. So to avoid causing damages and injuries, make sure you get a rower that can accommodate your size.

xterra erg500 air turbine rower reviewTo help keep your hands blister-free, the Xterra ERG500 Air Turbine rowing machine comes with cushioned or padded handles. Its foot pedals also have flexing mechanism so you can pedal smoothly, and keep rowing in proper position without putting unnecessary strain on your feet. The machine’s console or monitor display quite a comprehensive workout data such as the time elapsed, distance covered, stroke rate, pulse reading, calories burned as well as a graphic visualization of your strokes. It’s also foldable and has wheels so you can easily move and store it when the unit not in use.

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XTERRA ERG500 Air Turbine Rower Review
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