onnit stron bone reviewHow the Onnit Stron Bone and Joint Delivers on Its Promise

Taking its name from “Strontium”, which is also known as “the forgotten mineral”, the ONNIT Stron Bone and Joint is a supplement that promises to help increase one’s bone density by up to thirty percent and to help keep connective tissues in healthy condition for greater flexibility and optimum athletic performance. This is definitely something that runners, weightlifters, and other professional athletes who are prone to bone fractures and aching joints would be happy to know about.  Read on for our full ONNIT Stron Bone Review.

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With several studies backing up Onnit’s claim, and if you’re an athlete who often subject your bones and joints to strain and stress when training or competing, it’d be worth your time to take a look at what this supplement has to offer particularly for your bones and joints. Strontium, a mineral which largely constitutes our bones, is one of Stron Bone’s major ingredients. With increased intake, the supplement is said to yield around 30% increase in bone density. It also contains Vitamin K2 for optimum calcium utilization, Vitamin D-3 for keeping proper concentration level of plasma calcium in the blood, and magnesium for strong bones. There’s also potassium, which is one of the seven essential macrominerals. It helps preserve bone mineral density and protects the body from loss of muscle mass.onnit stron bone

Another ingredient of the Onnit Stron Bone and Joint that plays a vital role in maintaining bone health is copper, which is an essential trace mineral that’s said to help improve the body’s bone density. There’s also manganese, which is a trace element that plays a significant role in the formation of bone collagen and cartilage, and in bone mineralization process. It also contains Boron, which is a key nutrient that’s necessary for optimum metabolism and utilization of bone-building elements such as Vitamin D and calcium.

onnit stron bone and joint

Stron Bone also contains N-Acetyl D Glucosamine, which helps improve joint health and prevent bone or cartilage disorders. There’s also hylauronic acid, which helps promote healthy joints and is found in all bones, joints, tendons, connecting tissue, and cartilage structures throughout the body. It also contains Bioperine, which helps nourish the body muscles as well as increase bone strength.

onnit stron bone and joint reviewAs expected, all of ONNIT Stron Bone’s ingredients play vital roles in keeping our bones and joints strong and healthy, in reducing risks of bone and joint disorders and fractures, and in helping increase the capacity of our bones and joints to absorb impact. All these benefits make it an ideal supplement especially for professional athletes who want optimum performance and at the same time protect their bones and joints from injuries and damages. But while it’s marketed mainly for athletes, the Stron Bones and Joints can also benefit even ordinary individuals who could use greater bone strength and flexibility in performing their daily activities.

Stron Bones and Joints is made by ONNIT Labs, which is a highly-respected provider of premium natural supplements that help promote strong and healthy bodies for optimum performance.

ONNIT Stron Bone Review
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