MARVEL Iron Man and Captain America Collaboration TShirts

With the much-anticipated launch today of the ONNIT Iron Man Kettlebell and the ONNIT Captain America Shield Barbell Plates also comes the introduction of the ONNIT x MARVEL apparel line.  The first five (5) items in the line are t-shirts with awesome Iron Man and Captain America designs.  The Iron Man shirt features a glow-in-the-dark emblem on the back of the shirt just like Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor located in his chest.  Check out the BAD*** line of clothing here:


onnit marvel captain america tshirt

This apparel is bound to make a statement at your gym or box.  Become the superhero you know you are.

CLICK HERE to check out the full line of ONNIT x MARVEL Apparel<<

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ONNIT x MARVEL Hero Elite Series Apparel
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