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The Hylete Company

Train to push yourself both mentally and physically; compete to improve yourself, as well as those around you; and live to be healthy in mind, body and soul. 

That is the HYLETE credo – the creed that captures the “hybrid athlete’s” spirit and the creed that embodies the principles by which, and the purpose for which every Hylete product is made. That’s the creed that drives and guides Hylete to continue to step up, soar, and serve.

Stepping up to the challenge

Seeing the growing interest in performance cross-training and the growing need for quality cross-training apparel that lets one to train hard and, at the same time, feel and look good in it, the founders of Hylete decided to step-up to the challenge of designing, creating and offering comfortable, durable, functional, and flattering gears that would not only fit and complement different body types and shapes of hybrid athletes but would also enhance their training and performance by allowing them to move freely, easily and without unnecessary restrictions.

Based in California and founded in 2012 by Ron Wilson who has an extensive experience in retail and fitness apparel, Hylete started out with compete shorts as its flagship product. In a Crossfit Games event, the compete shorts were sold out and the demand for their product has been growing since then. With additional funds, the company slowly expanded their reach as well as their product line, which now includes training tees, pants, compression gear, hoodies, and socks, among others.

Hylete Shorts

Soaring to new heights

The smart fabric, cuts and engineering of Hylete gears are not the only things that made this company soar to new heights and take the athletic apparel market and industry by storm.  Instead of investing a lot of money in and going through the hassles of putting up or selling through big retail stores, which require building inventory, Hylete uses the direct-to-consumer strategy as their main line of distribution.

Hylete exclusively sells its products online to potential customers, and works with professional trainers and athletes as their brand advocates. They also showcase their brand by going on the road, and setting-up pop-up retail shops in sport events such as obstacle runs and cross-training competitions around the country. That way, they’re able to get immediate response directly from their customers, and just do small runs and use their funds to expand and improve their product line based on their customers’ feedback.

Serving with integrity

Hylete’s values, vision and mission are not only reflected in the quality of their products but also translate into excellent customer service. The company has gained positive reviews from Crossfit bloggers, satisfied users, and even from customers who have had shipping concerns and experiences requesting for item return or exchange. And so with Hylete’s smart marketing strategy and dedication to provide hybrid athletes and fitness enthusiasts with quality products and reliable customer service, it’s but inevitable and expected for this company to reach and even go beyond the level of success it’s currently in.

As a company who continues to step up to the challenge, soar to new heights, and serve with integrity, Hylete also continues to revolutionize the cross-training world and fashion, and drive people to further train to push themselves, compete to improve themselves and others, and live to be healthy in mind, body and soul.

The Hylete Quality

Designing apparel for cross-training is not as simple as one may think it is. If the apparel is to be appropriate for cross-training, it should be able to accommodate different body types and shapes, be breathable and lightweight enough to let you exercise, train or compete for long hours without melting in heat or soaking in too much sweat, and be flexible enough to allow for making a wide range of motions and movements. And apart from fit, comfort and function, the apparel’s durability and aesthetic quality should also be factored in.

Wearing shorts, tees, hoodies or socks that hinder your movement can hinder your progress as you train, as well as your victory as you compete.  So whether you’re swimming, rowing, running or jumping, it’s important that you’re properly geared up for the game. Also, if what you’re wearing complements your body type in a flattering way, you’ll look and feel confident as you workout, and be even more inspired to stay fit and be in good shape.

That’s exactly what the Hylete brand is able to fully grasp and understand. Designed to let you move comfortably and fashionably without limits, Hylete cross-training apparel is specially made for men and women who want to reach their fitness goals efficiently, effectively and in style. In it, you can do air squats or burpees, and make unhindered and unrestricted moves without any distracting, binding and annoying feeling of discomfort getting in your way.

Essentially created for an active lifestyle of health and fitness, every Hylete product is engineered with the right fit and fabric to stand and hold up to the strenuous demands of cross-training. Their proprietary fabric is highly durable, soft, lightweight, not too thick, and is able to stretch in four directions, quickly wick moisture and sweat away, and move smoothly with the body enabling you to train and perform with maximum comfort, efficiency and mobility.

Their men’s shorts dry fast so you’ll have no problem using them in water, mud and even in high temperature conditions. Their women’s shorts are made with double-layer material for adequate coverage. The shorts are breathable and are also outfitted with strong and flexible waist band as well as properly attached interior side pockets where you can keep your valuables such as keys, wallet, and phone safe and out of the way of your training when you’re doing high-intensity exercises such as running or jumping.

To guarantee customer satisfaction and their products’ quality, Hylete has a reasonable and reliable return policy in place and offers warranty for items with manufacturer defects. So if you’re on the hunt for quality and fashionable cross-training gears and apparel that will let you break a sweat in a stylish manner, you surely can’t go wrong with Hylete. By employing the right design, method and material in manufacturing their products, Hylete is able to offer unparalleled level of comfort, style, flexibility and functionality that’s fit for every fitness enthusiast and hybrid athlete and can satisfactorily meet the demands of cross-training.

Hylete Backpacks

The Hylete Programs

Hylete is also not just into manufacturing quality cross-training gears and apparel. The company also has special programs that help raise funds for some non-profit organizations, grant sponsorships to personal trainers and competitive athletes, and offer interesting business options and opportunities to gyms, their clients and students.

Additionally, they have interesting educational and informative videos that feature some health tips and techniques for preventing injuries when training. They also give away gift cards and cool youth apparel, and plan to eventually sell charity tees online with a percentage of the proceeds to be donated to select charities and non-profit organizations.

And so everytime you purchase a Hylete product, you can be sure that your money doesn’t only count as profit but also as a valuable contribution to Hylete’s programs and advocacies.

The Hylete Products

From crew shirts, cross-training shorts and pants, to hoodies, tanks, headwear, compression socks, and convertible bags, just name it, and Hylete’s got it. With a wide range and variety of products and designs that you can choose from, each of your cross-training apparel need is sure to find its match in Hylete. Here, we’ll take a look at the features of some of their items in terms of fabric, fit, function and fashion factors, so you can have a better basis to try, test as well as testify to the quality of their products and the reliability of their promises.

1.      Cross-training shorts

Scoring high on comfort, style and flexibility is Hylete’s flagship and signature product – the cross-training shorts. With generally impressive and positive customer reviews to back up their claim, Hylete’s cross-training shorts definitely set the bar high when it comes to the material they use, the way they fit different body types and shapes, the degree of flexibility they offer and the full range of motion that you’ll be able to do in it, as well as the chic confidence they’re able to give. The shorts are made with soft, light and breathable fabric, come in black and gun metal colors and above-knee and below-knee cuts, and has zippered pockets and a drawstring.

2.      Men’s Crew Shirt

With Hylete’s crew shirts for men, you won’t have to worry about sweating heavily when you workout. The material they use for their tri-blend shirts easily wicks moisture away so you won’t be soaking wet and in sweat even when you do high-intensity exercises. Light, flexible and breathable, their men’s crew shirts effectively regulates moisture and temperature to keep your body dry and cool, and also allow you to move with great ease and without any hindrances so you can maximize your training, perform to your optimum capacity and reach your fitness goals as comfortably, effectively and efficiently as possible.

  1. Men’s Hoodie

Just as too much heat and sweating can negatively affect the efficiency of your workout, cold seasons and weathers can also affect your mobility and dampen down your drive to exercise and train. This is where Hylete’s hoodie for men come in handy. It’s available in different sizes so you can choose whether you’d like the fit to be tight or loose depending on your training needs and preferences.

Aside from it being stylish and comfortable, this functional piece of clothing is perfect for exercising in the cold as it has really soft fleece lining that’s able to retain body warmth so your movements won’t be rigid and restrained. Depending on your preference, you can opt for zip ups or pull-overs.

4.      Compression Socks

Wearing the wrong socks when you workout, especially when you do high-intensity exercises, can impede your blood circulation, increase risks of injuries and cause swelling of your knees or ankles. That’s why it’s very important to use compression socks that are designed to properly fit the contour of your legs, keep the joints and muscles in place and help reduce the impact of your workout on your knees and ankles. Hylete’s compression socks are made in such a way that will not just help regulate your blood circulation as you workout but also enhance your flexibility and mobility, and prevent swelling and injuries.

  1. Cross Training Pants 1.0

Made with the same lightweight, soft, flexible and durable material used in Hylete’s cross-training shorts, Hylete’s cross-training pants also offer the same level of style, breathability, functionality and mobility that’s great for enhancing your performance as you train or compete. In it, you can comfortably and confidently flex and stretch your muscles when exercising.

  1. Convertible Bag 2.0

Fitness enthusiasts and hybrid athletes who are also students, employees, parents or busy business people, generally have active lifestyles that require them to carry with them a lot of things such as books, gadgets, gym wear, shoes, bottled water or energy drinks, among others. And so to keep things in place, organized, protected, easily accessible and in good condition as you go on your way to the gym from your school or office, Hylete came up with a convertible bag that’s functionally compartmentalized, and large and versatile enough to fit the things you want to carry with you without distorting, damaging or spoiling them. Outfitted with insulated pockets for your protein shakes and energy drinks, padded interior for your laptop or tablet, and a convertible design so you can switch your back pack to a duffle bag in case you’ll need more room for your things, the Hylete convertible bag is without doubt one of the most useful gears that any hybrid athlete and fitness enthusiast can have.

So if you want quality cross-training gear and apparel, check out Hylete and expect nothing less than satisfaction.

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