Onnit Massage and Mobility Kit to Help You with a Speedy Recovery

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons. This is true even if you spend long hours at the gym. Although your wish to build big muscles will demand a lot of time at the gym, it is also true that the more time you spend exercising, the greater will be the chances of your muscles getting tired and injured. Most of the gym instructors recommend you to loosen up in between heavy workouts by performing light exercises. However, there are certain kits available in the market, which can help you experience a speedy recovery and also help you achieve overall mobility.  Here is the Onnit Massage and Mobility Kit.

onnit mobility and massage kit


Onnit Massage and Mobility Kit – What You Get In It

Amongst the several useful massage kits available in the market, one of the highly popular ones is the Onnit Massage and Mobility Kit. Upon regular workouts, your muscles may experience knots at certain places, which may reduce your capability to exercise properly. With the help of this kit, you can easily break up the knots manually and also enhance the mobility of your body. There are several tools available in this kit.

  1. Massage Ball: There are certain groups of muscles in your body, which require focused pressure in order to get rid of knots. This can be achieved with the help of the massage ball available in the kit. This ball is especially beneficial in your hip flexors and glutes.
  2. Stretch Strap: This strap is more or less a combination of a PVC and a band. As compared to a PVC pipe, the stretch strap allows greater stretch and movement of your body. On the other hand, in terms of firmness, the strap is better than a band. In other words, the stretch strap is for both dynamic and static stretches. You can simply grasp both ends with your hands and reach above your head to help your shoulders to open up or you can stretch your hamstrings by simply looping it over your heels.

onnit mobility and massage kit review

  1. Foam Roller: A high-density foam is used to make this roller, which is basically a versatile roller. You can use it for self-massage or help you with self-myofascial release. Simply roll the different broader parts of your body on the roller such as your back and thighs.
  2. Peanut: Another cool way to apply focused pressure on different muscle groups in your body is to use the peanut. Place each of the 2 balls on either side of your spine and roll out to loosen the tight muscles on your back. Backaches due to sitting at the same place for long hours can be resolved by using this peanut.

Light workouts to relax your muscles in between heavy workouts is a must in order to prevent you from getting injured. Use the Onnit massage and mobility kit the right way and you will soon find it simple to workout or sit at the same place in front of your computer for long hours without any difficulty at all.

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Onnit Massage and Mobility Kit Review
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