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Turning your garage or one of your rooms into a gym has its own pros and cons. When you talk about advantages, there are quite a few you can think about. Firstly, you can exercise whenever you get some leisure time. Secondly, you can save your money on gym memberships. Thirdly, you need not worry about crowded gyms, since it your personal gym at home where you exercise. Similarly, there are several disadvantages, as well. Firstly, you have to spend your hard earned money to buy various workout equipment. Secondly, you have to shell out time to shop for suitable workout machines. Lastly, your garage or room will surely turn into a mess.  Help the organization with the PRX Profile Weight Storage.

prx profile weight storage review

PRX Performance Profile Weight Plate Storage – Benefits and Featuresprx performance profile weight storage

If you use weights at home with several plates, then you will definitely find your floor filled with such plates. If you like to lead a neat and tidy lifestyle, then such a mess will make you feel irritated. There is a very simple way to avoid such a mess at home. All you need to do is buy the PRX Performance Profile Weight Plate Storage.

  1. The PRX Performance Profile Weight Storage comes with 4 pegs of 8 inches long each. You may easily place 2 different plates of 45 pounds on each peg. Thus, this product has enough space for a total of 8 such plates.
  2. The total weight of the PRX Performance Profile Weight Plate Storage is 28 pounds and it is 75 inches in height and 3 inches in width. Thus, it will surely not take much space on your wall. All you need to ensure is to install it at a comfortable height as per your benefit.
  3. You need not worry about rust damaging the PRX Performance Profile Weight Storage in the long run. It is properly coated with black onyx powder to keep it safe from rust and any other harmful factor.
  4. If you are tired of finding a disorganized floor in your home gym, then the PRX  Profile Weight Storage can help you in such cases. Since it allows you to keep your weight plates in an organized manner, it will help you to free your floor space and make it appear neat and clean.
  5. With the help of the PRX Performance Profile Weight Plate Storage you need not spend time searching for your weight plates. You can easily stack them away on the pegs and find them whenever necessary with ease.prx performance profile weight storage review

3-peg 4-peg profile weight storageThere are numerous types of products in the market, which are quite similar to the PRX Performance Profile Weight Storage. However, not all will be as popular as this weight plate storage product. If you are also planning to buy such a product for your personal use, you better spend some time and choose the right storage product for your weight plates. This will not just help you stay organized, it will also help your gym room appear neat and clean. You also have the option to purchase the 3-Peg or the 4-Peg option depending on how many plates you have to store.

PRX Performance Profile Weight Storage Review
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