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In today’s fast paced world, life takes its toll on your health. If you do not take good care of your health, you will often find yourself fighting against various health problems. Along with a healthy diet, it is also very important for you to exercise regularly. However, regular workouts does not mean that you will have to go to a gym every day. You can even exercise at home. There are several workout machines which can be used at home. You may buy a treadmill or an elliptical trainer or even an indoor exercise bike. Choose the right machine and get back in shape from the comfort of your home.

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Key Features of the Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill

If you talk about treadmills, you will find several varieties in the market. Some are loaded with features and are aptly suited for commercial purposes. On the other hand, there are some which are packed with just the right set of features and are meant for personal uses at home or office. Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill is a perfect combination of both types of treadmills. Here are some of the features of the machine.

  1. The Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill comes with a 3.5 CHP commercial motor, which helps you to work out even for a long duration of time. This powerful motor operates at a steady speed and makes minimal noise. It also comes with a self-cooling process, which helps the motor to remain cool no matter how long you use it.
  2. The deck has a specially designed ZigTech Cushioning. This helps to absorb the pressure from your knees and other vital joints and thus, prevents them from getting injured even if you run or walk for a long time. This special cushioning helps you to experience a comfortable workout.
  3. You will be simply impressed to find a 7 inch LED touch display. It shows several important data about your exercise routine such as the speed at which you run or walk, distance travelled, calories burnt, and your pulse rate.
  4. The Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill has a speed range of 0 to 12MPH and comes with 36 workout apps. These exercises are specially designed by certified personal trainers. These preset programs come with set time and resistance so that you can get the most out of your workout.
  5. You may also alter the inclination of this treadmill. It can be decreased to a maximum of 3% and can be increased up to a maximum of 15%. This is especially beneficial if you keen in increasing your stamina, muscle, and burn more fat than normal.
  6. The maximum user weight capacity of the machine 375 pounds and this treadmill can be folded and kept away safely when not in use.
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The Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill is one of the most feature rich treadmills in the market and is suitable for both commercial and home uses. It is both stylish and effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill Review
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