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MostFit Core Hammer Reviews


MostFit Core Hammer

One of the latest forms of workouts usually performed at gyms is the sledgehammer workout. This includes a huge sledgehammer and a big tire. You are required to strike the tire with the sledgehammer under the strict supervision of your personal trainer. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? There are several benefits of sledgehammer training. It helps you improve your overall strength and conditioning of your body. It also helps to improve your hand-eye coordination and athleticism. Many of you wish that you could use this entire setup at home and workout during your leisure time. With the sledgehammer and a huge tier, it can be a bit tough.  Take a look below at our MostFit Core Hammer Review.

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What is MostFit Core Hammer?

How would you feel if you were told that you could get the same benefits of the sledgehammer workout without the traditional sledgehammer and a huge tire? With the help of the MostFit Core Hammer this is possible. This product from MostFit is made of a long thick rod with a big circular hammer at the tip. The handle is quite durable and made of plastic glass. The big head comes in two options, 8 pounds and 12 pounds. This ball is made of solid urethane. This means that you can practically forget about it cracking upon repeated hits on the ground. The best part about the MostFit Core Hammer is that it can easily withstand great force.

Features of the MostFit Core Hammer

There are several features of the MostFit Core Hammer, which you should be aware of, before you decide to buy it.

  • The Overall Quality of The Product: First of all, MostFit should be praised to allow average people to get a feel of sledgehammer training. Such forms of exercises were usually associated with hardcore workout enthusiasts. Although the concept of the MostFit Core Hammer is very simple, the materials used in the making of the product are best in class. The big head of the hammer is made of urethane, which helps it to remain as good as new even after repeated hits on concrete grounds. It is certainly not as bouncy as you may think and the handle is quite sturdy.
  • Types of Workouts: As far as workouts with a sledgehammer is concerned, you can practically perform 2 basic types of workouts. One is “slam” and the other is “alternate slam”. However, you may find more workouts being performed with a sledgehammer if you check online videos.
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Many experts believe that sledgehammer training comes in the later stages of your exercise routines. It is important that you increase your overall strength before you start performing sledgehammer workouts. However, there are many people who do not believe in such things. If you have never used a sledgehammer in your life, you may find it a bit tough initially. It would be a good idea to allow a personal trainer to train you the right way. As far as purchasing the MostFit Core Hammer is concerned, you can do so online or at any sports store in your town. Better start off with the 8 pound hammer rather than the heavier one.

MostFit Core Hammer Reviews
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