Shape Scale Review

Shape Scale uses 3 dimensions to scan your body. Taking hundreds of pictures of your body, the scale will create a virtual model for a photorealistic scan. This way you can see yourself as others do. Of course, this means that you can monitor essential fitness indicators. Such indicators as lean mass are perfect if you plan to lose or gain weight as it allows you to check your progress. Another essential indicator is body fat percentage. The good news is that the scale offers you accurate readings for each major section of your body.

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  • Photorealistic scan
  • Lean mass indicator
  • Body fat indicator
  • Smartphone integration
  • Cons
    Accuracy may need improvement


The scale uses a modern technology to create a photorealistic scan. This might mean that you can track even small changes which are not visible to the naked eye. If you are unsure about your fitness progress, you can use the opportunity to track even the smaller changes in your body. For example, you can monitor the water retention levels each week to see how your body is progressing.

The advanced heat map feature will quickly indicate the area in which you made gains or losses. This is the perfect feature for those who want to track a specific area of the body either for toning or muscle gain. This way you will always know how to adjust your workouts for maximum responsiveness.

Even more, since you have a photorealistic scan of your body you can have a side by side model comparison which will indicate your progress both visually and in percentages in certain targeted areas. The time-lapse function allows you to see a 3D progress image which will show you how your body has changed in a certain period of time.


The Shape Scale offers one of the most intuitive design you can find to track your fitness progress. It takes hundreds of pictures of your body to recreate a digital model which can accurately track your progress. As you already know, it can even show you targeted side by side comparisons.

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One of the best features of the scale comes with smartphone app integration. You will now be able to track the essential areas of your body using just the scale and the smartphone.

The Shape Scale is a modern device which can show you essential indicators on your body composition. You can track your muscle development efforts as well as your weight loss goals. With the scale you can also digitize your results and send them over to professionals like your doctor or nutritionist to help you improve your diet for your weight goals.

But you can also use the scale to prepare for the summer and have your body beach ready. Some people even use the tracking option to get ready for special occasions such as weddings. The good news is that you can use the scale for multiple goals as it can provide you actual facts and digital representations of your progress.

Shape Scale Review
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