Sole f80 treadmill is the newest modest of treadmill. Sole f80 Folding Treadmill has been designed for home/indoor use with Bluetooth features which allows you to easily connect with sole fitness app which is available for Android and iOS smartphones. The sole fitness app on your Sole F80 Reviewsmartphone can be used to view all things you can check on the treadmill screen, you can also read news, watch movies and lot more while your exercise information is being recorded in the background. The app also synchronizes your exercise data with my MyFitnessPal, Fitbit and others. Sole F80 treadmill 3.5CHP motor is very strong and provides a reliable motion up to about 12mph during workout program and all resistance level. The treadmill is easy to use and makes all your workouts comfortable and safe as it can, it also has features and tools that help you take your fitness exercise to the best level with a high-quality result.

F80 Sole Treadmill

Sole F80 treadmill LCD screen is very okay and it has an enhanced 9” display and size of about 22” x 60” running surface. The screen provides information such as speed, distance, pace, heart rate, calories burnt and other necessary information that enables you to monitor every step of your workout and achieve a high-quality result at the end of each exercise.

Specifications and Features of Sole F80 Treadmill

Weight and size: It measures 35” x 58” x 80” and has it deck measures 35” x 80”. The running area of Sole F80 treadmill measures 22” by 60” and it is very spacious for exercise. The machine weighs 265 pounds with the maximum of 375 pounds upper user weight limit.

Workout programs: The machine comes with ten different workout programs, 6 profile courses, 2 heart rate programs and 2 custom programs that enable you to create and plan your own workout program.

The Console:  The machine user console is large with 7.5 inches LCD display. It provides data about your workout and can also be used to read news, watch movies and lot more during your workout. It is well designed and well-programmed buttons that can be easily used to access programs and data during exercise.

Motor: Parts of what makes F80 Sole Treadmill machine powerful and efficiency is the 3.5CHP motor which enables you to run at any speed and as fast as you want on the machine without missing any step. The motion the powerful motor provides is very consistency and smooth thereby allowing you to have an easy and comfortable workout during your fitness training.

Sole F80 Treadmill ReviewFolding feature: The machine can be folded to free up space when the treadmill is not being used just by lowering the hydraulic. Folding is very easy and safe and it is a great feature that is extremely handy for many buyers.

Machine Inclination and Speed: Sole F80 treadmill can be inclined from zero to about 15% and has it speed ranging from 0.5MPH to 12MPH. The speed and inclination control are easily accessible as they can be found in the armrest part of the machine.

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Heart Rate Monitors: There are two heart rate monitors included in sole f80 treadmill.

Assembling the machine: Sole F80 treadmill is easy to assemble, it takes around 60-90mins and due to its weight, assembling it with a second person will be easier than you doing it alone.

Other features: Two users can save their profiles on the machine for easily accessing and quick-start during the next fitness training. Sole F80 treadmill also has a cooling fan built into the top of the console, it has an inbuilt sound system which you can easily plug your mp3 and listen to music during your workout. Sole F80 treadmill also has many pockets that can be used to store things you might need during exercise and also has a water bottle holder for storing bottled water.

Warranty: Sole F80 treadmill has 5 years warranty on electronics parts, 2 years warranty on labor and lifetime warranty on frame, desk, and motor.

Benefits of Sole F80 Treadmill

Durable and high-quality parts: Sole F 80 is made of high-quality parts and many commercial-grade components. These ensures the long-lasting of the machine and reduces shock impacts on your health.

Great motor: Sole F80 treadmill has a powerful 3.5CHP motor that provides a reliable speed of about 12mph and also support long distance running.

Sole F80 Best PriceGood workouts: The availability of 10 different workouts including 2 custom workouts enables you to achieve your fitness goals such as muscle toning and weight loss and cardiovascular training.

Outstanding Cushioning: Sole F80 cushioning helps in reducing noise level during training and also makes your exercises easier and gentler on sensitive joints. It uses about 40% to lower joint impact when compared with outdoor running.

Quality Track: it boast a 22” by 60” track which is known to be widest and longest in the series, the track has two layers for good durability and it is also paired with 2.75” commercial quality roller that helps quite operations and reduces the stress on the motor.

Other benefits: Sole F80 users can use safety lanyard or stop button that can easily stop the treadmill in case they lose balance for safety purpose. As mentioned earlier, the sole f80 treadmill is also compatible with smartphones such as Androids and iOS for data accessing and synchronizing. It is also compatible with mp3 players and iPods and with the help of the in-built sound system, you can listen to music and have a nice time during workouts. Other features like bottle holder and the cooling fan is also good benefits of Sole F80 treadmill fitness machine.

Sole F80 Reviews


Running is a good exercise for your body system, muscles and bones, and your health. It also helps you maintain proper fitness level by losing weight and reducing the chances of having diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, diabetics and some other health problems.

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