sunny health & fitness pro indoor cycling bikeSunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike – A Stylish Way to Stay Fit

Staying fit is the key to leading a normal and healthy life. Some opt for long walks to achieve a fit body, some join a nearby gym to stay fit and strong, whereas, some buy workout machines for their personal use to keep their body in shape. Speaking about exercise equipment, you will come across several types of workout machines at any fitness store. These may include a spin bike, an elliptical trainer, a treadmill, or even a rowing machine. Similarly, there are several manufacturers of such machines. However, not every company is equally reputed and reliable in the world of fitness.  Here we take a look at the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.

sunny spin bike

Sunny Health and Fitness

When you search for any fitness machine for your home use, you will find several types of equipment sold by Sunny Health and Fitness. The company is primarily a reputed importer and distributor of world class fitness products. It has been 10 years since the company stepped into the fitness world and has tasted success within a few years of starting business.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bikesunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike

Out of a wide array of workout machines, Sunny Health and Fitness also offers great quality indoor cycling bikes. One of the highly popular bikes in the market is the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. Some of the features of the machine have been discussed below.

  1. The Sunny spin bike comes with a heavy 40 pound flywheel. It is needless to say that if the flywheel is on the heavier side, it will provide a smooth workout to the user.
  2. Both the handlebars and seats are fully adjustable, thus, making the Sunny  Health Spinning Bike extremely suitable for people of various heights and built.
  3. The indoor cycling bike comes with an adjustable resistance so that you can easily alter the resistance as per your requirement.
  4. The maximum weight capacity of the product is 275 pounds. Even if you are overweight, you can easily use the bike to get back in shape.
  5. The bike has a smooth chain mechanism and a heavy duty crank. This helps the bike to operate noiselessly and you can easily workout without disturbing the other family members at home.
  6. The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike also has a sturdy steel frame, which helps the bike to remain stable even at great speeds.
  7. There are transport wheels attached with the bike, so that you can easily change the location of the bike as and when you want.

Benefits of Using an Indoor Bikesunny health and fitness bike

If you exercise on a daily basis, you will surely notice great improvements in your physical and mental conditions. However, if you are planning to buy an indoor cycling bike for your own use, here are some advantages of using an exercise bike every day.

  1. Good Way to Burn Calories: Any type of physical exercise will result in a loss of calories. If you work out on your exercise bike on a daily basis, you can easily burn unwanted calories from your body. It has been calculated that for a person weighing 155 pounds, a workout routine of 30 minutes on a spin bike can burn around 260 calories. This number will surely increase if your body weight is more or you exercise at a faster pace.
  2. Low Impact Activity: As compared to any other workout machine, an indoor cycle provides a low impact activity. This is especially beneficial for people who have recently faced an orthopedic injury. If done the right way, cycling practically provides least impact on your back, knee, ankle, and hip.
  3. Good Form of Cardiovascular Exercise: If you use your indoor cycle on a regular basis, it provides a good form of cardiovascular exercise. Approximately 30-60 minutes of cycling everyday can help you avoid any type of heart related ailments in the long run.
  4. Reduce Your Stress Levels: Cycling on a daily basis is a good way to reduce your stress levels. Light form of exercises help your body to release adrenaline, which helps your mind to get over stress and feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

sunny pro indoor cycling bike

Many people prefer to go out on their cycles and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature while cycling. However, there are still a lot of people, who seldom get enough time to spend with their family members. For such people, going out on their cycle every day for an hour is asking a bit too much from them. This is why the demand for indoor cycles (like the Sunny Spin Bike) have gone up over the years. People can use the bike as and when they can. This helps them get some sort of exercise for their health and also there is no chance of missing the workout every now and then.

There are many manufacturers of workout machines out in the market. Although all of them produce almost similar sort of products, their reputation may not be the same. This is why it is always a good idea to buy any workout machine, which has been manufactured by a reputed and reliable company. Such companies always provide good quality products backed by proper warranties.

If it is your first time to buy an indoor cycle, you may find the selection process of a suitable bike quite confusing. The best way to answer your doubts is to do some research work on the internet. There are several websites which will give you useful comparisons between various types of workout machines. However, it is always better to check the websites of manufacturers. Their information will be genuine and updated. If you do not like to go the technical way, you may also discuss with your local gym instructor. He will also give you some good suggestions and guide you to buy the best workout machine for you. Whichever equipment you purchase, it will be for your own health. This is why always take your time to choose the right one and avoid taking any hasty decisions. You will gain a lot in the long run.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review
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