Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bar – A Great Way to Increase Your Endurance and Strength

There are various types of sports being played in different corners of the world. Every sports-person has to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy to play his sport properly. Whether you talk about footballers, golfers, athletes, cricketers, and tennis players, all of them spend hours at the gym to exercise. However, in spite of such vigorous workout routines, sportsmen can easily get injured. One of the most common injuries faced by different sportsmen are golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow. Usually the best way to treat such an injury is to go under the scalpel. However, if you use a resistance bar to bend and twist, it can help overcome tennis elbow injuries by a great extent.

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Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bar – Features

Different types of resistance bars are available in the market. Most of them come with different levels of resistance. The type of resistance bar you choose is largely dependent upon the type and extent of injury. One of the most popular brands amongst various resistance bars is the Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bar. It has multiple features discussed below.

  1. Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bars are color coded to denote different resistance levels. This makes it very simple to choose the right one as per your requirement. The yellow bar uses 6 pounds of force, the red one uses 10 pounds of force, the green bar uses 15 pounds of force and the blue bar uses 25 pounds of force.
  2. The wide range of different levels of resistance bars is suitable for users from different age groups. Youths to elders and even professionals may use these bars. These are not just used to enhance your strength, but also help you improve your grip.
  3. According to clinically proven tests, using Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bars can help lower elbow pain by almost 81% and boost your overall strength by almost 72%. This data is especially true for people suffering from tennis elbow.
  4. The texture of the Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bars has been designed in such a way that these do not provide any type of discomfort while you grip them tightly. You will also find ridges on the body to help you get a firm grip of the bars.
  5. These resistance bars are aptly suitable for tennis players, baseball players, cricketers, and golfers. Each bar is around 12 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter.

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If you have never used a resistance bar in the past, then it is highly advisable to start from the lowest resistance level. If you start off from the higher level, then it may cause serious injuries. It is also advisable to seek proper advice from a doctor. He can tell you, after proper checkup, whether you actually require a resistance bar or just mild exercises can help you get back in shape. Since there are various brands of resistance bars in the market, choosing the right one is always important. Go ahead with your choice after comparing various popular brands.

Thera Band Flexbar Resistance Bar – A Great Way to Increase Your Endurance and Strength
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