XTERRA ERG400 Rower Review

Xterra is a fitness brand that’s quite popular among tri-athletes and is better known for their treadmills and elliptical trainers as well as for their exercise bikes. They have been in the fitness industry for more than three decades and have developed and offered quite a good line up of various types of fitness equipment but when it comes to rowing machines, the brand doesn’t automatically come to mind. Nonetheless, among mid-priced rowers, the XTERRA ERG400 is something worth checking out.

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Putting the parts together can be quite easy but for those who are not handy, assembly may require some extra hands.

The seat’s width, height and cushioning are some of the considerations in looking for a rowing machine. As much as possible, you want your rower to have a well-padded seat that’s wide and high enough to let you workout without putting unnecessary strain on your knees and back especially when you get off the machine. Now, most mid-range, budget rowing machines don’t go big on seats but if it’s not that much of a big deal for you, then you can go ahead and look for one that would suit your training needs and your budget.

The ERG400’s seat height is around 16″ off the floor, which is a little lower than the ones you’ll find in most gyms. Nonetheless, it still allows for a comfortable rowing position that’s good enough for a 30-minute or less workout sessions. It’s built is sturdy enough for an average rower but heavier users may find something more suitable for their use in pricier brands with more solid frames.

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For increasingly challenging workout sessions, the machine comes with 16 resistance levels featuring a combination of air and magnetic resistance. You can conveniently change or adjust the machine’s resistance level with its one-touch button and enjoy rowing like you’re actually on water. High stroke rates can cause the fan to generate some noise, which may be a concern for those with small workout space and for those who gets easily annoyed or distracted by noise when working out.

One advantage of the ERG400 over other mid-range budget models is it’s a foldable machine, which makes it a good option for those with limited storage space. After working out, you can simply fold it and use your space for other purposes.

The machine’s console or display provides your workout data such as the elapsed time of your workout, rate of stroke as well as the Watts. However, you can’t connect it to a heart rate monitor so if you want to keep track of your pulse rate when working out, this may not be the rower for you. More expensive models have consoles with Internet functions and are compatible with most PCs but for a budget model such as the XTERRA ERG400, which comes with four pre-installed training programs plus an interval workout, this rowing machine gas a good deal to offer for its price range.

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XTERRA ERG400 Rower Review
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