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What to look for when buying and how to use a Power Tower

Your home gym won’t be complete without having a piece of exercise equipment that will give you a total body workout. If you need to lose weight or build those healthy muscles, get those desired tight abs, then you certainly need a piece of equipment that will work out your whole body.

If you are in one of these categories or person, then you sure need a Power tower for this purpose. When buying a Power tower, it can get confusing because there are many types and models you will choose from. You don’t want to spend your money and later find out you got one that is short of one or more parts needed for a more advanced routine. You may not know all these even if you think you are a pro except you go through a detailed review like this. We encourage you to carefully go through this piece of write up here before you pull that trigger in purchasing a Power tower.

What to look for when buying a power tower

How much do you have to spend?

Power towers are cheap, you can get one within your budget. Even for as low as $100, you can still get one that will meet your needs. You may not need to spend a fortune before you get an advanced power tower. However, if you will be doing more advanced routine with your power tower, you may want to consider buying with a higher budget. The common power towers you can get very cheap won’t have lots of functions for various exercises. The most important thing to consider here is to make sure your budget aligns with your fitness goal.

How much space can you give your new power tower?

Basically most power towers are large and will certainly take up much space in your home. But some tends to consume more space than others. Before you go ahead to order for a power tower, you will want to consider if you have enough room for it. One way you can do this is by measuring how much room available, then search for the dimensions that suits it.

You will want to consider how easy it is to quickly assemble and disassemble your power tool when need arises.

Go for a more flexible power tower

That feeling you get when you thought you have the best power tower in the neighborhood and discovered the next door neighbor have got a better one – with more options for better and advanced routine. Most power tower comes with many stations and options that will give you a better exercise experience. But others will feature more options, so it is always better to find one with almost unlimited flexibility.

How to use a power tower

There is no limit to what you can use a power tower. Basically, there are three exercises you can do on a power tower depending on the options. A standard one comes with push up, pull up and dip station. We are going to look at these parts and how you can use them for your exercises briefly.

Push up station

This is the most important part in a power tower which can be used to perform lots of activities. Some can be adjusted to different height for a better and more difficult levels- this should also be considered when buying your power tower. A push up station are mainly for pull up exercises. Pull ups are necessary for building great shoulders, forearms and biceps as well as enhancing your grip. With your pull up station, you can also build a stronger back.

In case you are wondering why you will need a push up station when you can conveniently do it on the floor, note that a push up station provides a deeper exercises experience which stimulates the muscles more than on a normal floor.

Normally, the harder you pull up, the better the stimulation of your muscles. You can increase the difficulty level by using weighted vest, placing your weight to the sides and putting a chair underneath your feet.

Pull up station

Another very important part of a power tower is the pull up station. The best exercise you can do on a pull up station are chin up and pull up which is necessary for forearms, biceps, shoulders and improving firm grip.

There are no limits to what you can do on a pull station, just imagine it and you have it done. Another variation is abdominal workout. Such moves involves leg and vertical knee raises which enhances your upper and lower abs.

Consider buying a power station with a well-padded pull up bar. Even though you may need gloves on your hands, it can’t be a substitute for a padded bar.

Some pull up station are designed for wider pull up by attaching a fixed handles at the two ends of the bar. They may appear too high to reach, so you will need to climb onto the lower adjustable bars to reach for them.

Dip station

One exercise you can do with a dip station is triceps dips. This is important for working out your chest, shoulders and triceps. This exercise will be easy to perform if you have an adjustable bar.

We also recommend buying one that comes with a padded dip bar especially if you are going to be using it for vertical knee or leg raises.

Final Thought

If you need to work out your whole body, then a power tower is just what you need. You can see that they are designed to workout the upper part of your body, but if you have some weights or barbell, you can use them for your leg training. You may need to advance into cardio equipment as you grow in your fitness journey. Because you will be doing all sort of vigorous exercises and twisting on your new power tower, it is very necessary consider a sturdy construction. We will advise to check for manufacturer’s warranty.

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