Cize Dance Workout Review

Overweight and obesity are quite miserable and affects our daily life. Gaining weight is so simple and easy but losing weight is not less than a nightmare. Population of obsessed people in world are high. Unhygienic food, fast food and different medical reasons are also involved in playing a crucial role in gaining weight. Are you one of overweight people? Does your weight frustrate you? Are you hopeless to reduce your weight?

If yes then don’t be dishearten. You have a great news, your weight can reduced by dancing workout merely like A,B,C. Amazing? Off course yes, I know what are you thinking that how could be possible? Then read till end it is really interesting and informative which cheers your life again,

Try 30 days Cize down in which you get multiple of music by buying cize which brings motivation for dancing. There is nothing new that our body starts dancing whenever we heard and listen pop music because it foster our level of motivation. Many of my friends try it and tone their body within few days. Here I want to tell you regarding experience of my friend. Lisa is my childhood friend and a 20 year old girl having a weight of 86 Kg which is too much at this age. She was tired to do different workouts which had no results then one day she lefts everything and belief that she can never lose her weight then I was the one who support her by Cize Down Workout. Yes, it really works, and motivates her to chase the goal of reducing weight. After some time, she has a weight of 60 Kg then I said it is simply mind blowing.

Not everyone encourages workout programs. Some people do gym and treadmill an hour or two hour but failed to get tone body. In Cize Workout you have move courses with different levels and when you try, you will definitely think that it is for you!
CIZE Workout is prepared by Shaun T and is a part of the workout package.
Who Is Best Suited for the CIZE Workout?

In this CIZE the purpose is to attain your wish of having fit body. This program is full of fun, enthusiasm and entertaining and meets your requirement too. Cize workout suits you if:

  1. You want to be fit and healthy. In this plan you just need to do it!
  2. You affection to dance and its steps.
  3. You need to take professionally choreographed move schedules.
  4. You are fun lover and can start dancing without hesitation.
  5. You need to know that how to move and learn the steps no matter if you have poor dancing skills.
  6. You are getting bored with same routine and seeking workouts which accelerate your mood to do.
  7. This plan is best for:
    • People who are new to working out programs.
    • People who are initiator.
    • People who need to take in more than simply fundamental activity moves.


As this program focus on particular dancing so CIZE Workout is suitable for many people.

What Is Included in the Basic CIZE Workout Program?
Cize Workout Basic Kit included

The accompanying was incorporated into the CIZE fundamental pack workout program:
6 hot move courses on 3 DVD’s including Crazy 8s, You Got This, Full Out, in the pocket, Go for It, and Living’ in the 8s.

  • A Get Started Guide to your initial 30 days with the system
  • Diet plan.
  • A Beginner and Advanced Calendar to track your prosperity
  • 8 Count Abs Workout, an abs and center system intended to enhance the artist’s body recorded by LL Cool J.
  • Weekend Survival Guide (do’s and don’ts)
  • 7-Day CIZE Down, a low-calorie yet adaptable and wonderful menu including shopping records, dinners and tips for shedding pounds.
    SIX Dance Courses on DVD

Six hot move courses included:

Crazy 8s: You do 35 minutes of dancing in crazy 8s. Once you’ve taken steps to dance you will get the chance to move on Hands in the Air, recorded by Timbaland.

You Got This: An alternate new moves which will gives you more in learning dance. Toward the end, you can pull your moves together to the tune of Treasure, initially recorded by Bruno Mars.

Full Out: This system takes you to the following level and truly pushes you to support weight reduction and fitness. It’s a serious open door yet when you wrap it all together, you will move to the first Destiny’s Child tune Lose My Breath.

In the Pocket: Here’s another for the individuals who are prepared for the test. It is a sort of a sponsor to have the capacity to perform these progressions to the Ariana Grande melody, Problem toward the end.

Go For It: At this point, you have a few interesting things which is the reason of this video for an extraordinary and fun phase. It instructs various moves you can then utilize together to move to the Missy Elliot melody Pass That Dutch.

Livin’ In the 8s: When you catch this point, you will move, as well as you will have the flexibility to educate your moves to others. This is the last routine however it has bounty to offer including an exceptionally passionate finale to the project. You’ll move to Chandelier a melody initially recorded by Sia.

Above are the hub of weight reduction and cutting fats. Cize workout Program is absolutely OK to choose for your dreams of becoming skinny. Even those who were hopeless after trying different herbs, juices and medicines for loosing weight, cize workout program is miracle for them due to its nature i.e. dancing which almost everyone likes to do.


In a nut shell it is concluded that Cize Dance Workout Program is one of the effective ways to lose weight in shorter period of time as compared to other programs. It is recommended by many people due its quick response. I hope it will help you and motivates you to buy Cize because it is for you!


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