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How many of you ladies would not like to look at least 5-10 years younger than your actual age? If you ask me, I would say that the answer to this question would be none. In my entire life, I have heard women opting for Botox treatments, plastic surgeries, and similar artificial methods to get back their youthful age. I would not prefer to lie to you, but I have also though about these options many times in the past. Then, on the other hand, the mere thought of spending a fortune on such methods forced me to drop the idea of trying to look young. I have tried to find alternatives to such treatments in the past without much of a success. This was all until I came across this lovely book by Hanan, titled The Beauty of Food.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about trying out the ideas mentioned in this book. But then I thought about my friend, who had recommended the book to me. The glow and the soft fine lines on her skin made her look not more than 25, although her actual age was nearly 37 years. I read the book and was surprised to find that the home cooked food has the power to make you look way younger than your real age. I always believed that once my skin started to get wrinkled and dull, the only option left with me is to rush to a doctor and opt for one of the artificial treatments. I had even fought with my husband in the past to allow me to sit under the scalpel in order to look younger. However, he never agreed, which ultimately saved me in many ways. After reading this book and looking at the results on my own skin, my theory changed for good.


What to Expect From the Book?

If you have not read the book The Beauty of Food, you may not know what to expect from it. Let me tell you what to expect from the book after reading it.

  1. Botox Alternative: Unlike me, have you been to a Botox treatment in the past? You must be aware of the pain you have to go through the entire treatment and also the cost involved. This book gave me an excellent alternative to Botox, which provided me with the exact same results. It costed me merely $0.50 and took as little as 7 minutes to prepare.
  2. Tips to Avoid Wrinkles: Wrinkles are bound to appear on your skin with age. The book gave excellent tips on how to overcome the wrinkles I had on your skin and how to ensure that these do not re-appear in the future.
  3. Secret to A Shiny Hair: Together with glowing wrinkle free skin you also need shiny hair. The book pointed out the secret used in the Eastern countries by women to get bright shiny hair, which even many modern day shampoos fail to provide.
  4. Foods Secrets to Improve Your Skin Texture: My skin had started to show signs of getting loose with my growing age. This is similar with many women of my age. This book pointed out the benefits of specific foods which helped to tighten my skin and also enhance its texture.
  5. Reasons Which Lead To Faster Aging Process: Apart from the benefits of various types of food on my skin and also some very useful tips, the book also disclosed some vital reasons which can enhance the aging process in a woman.

Benefits of Natural Alternatives to Botox

I had the impression that doing anything the natural way would take a lot of time and the results may not even be to as per my expectations. After I tried the tips mentioned in the book The Beauty of Food, I saw how wrong I was. Here are the benefits I enjoyed after I tried the tips mentioned in the book.

  • No Need to Waste My Hard Earned Money: I saved a lot of money on Botox treatments and harsh creams by choosing the natural remedies mentioned in this book. Although I never opted for such artificial methods, nonetheless, there was no need to fight with my husband on this topic in the days to come.
  • Follow The Natural Way At Home: Going all the way to my plastic surgeon’s clinic and sitting under the scalpel for a long hours resulted in a waste of my precious time. Thanks to this book by Hanan, I can try the natural treatment in the comfort of my home and also get similar results.
  • Great Way to Avoid Getting Those Needle and Bruise Marks on My Skin: Although going for Botox treatment was not my cup of tea, I could very well imagine how the needle marks and rashes would look on my face. Thankfully, I am saved from such torture.


Just like any other teenage girl, I was also a big rebel at home. Whatever my mother and father used to tell me, used to fly above my head. After I read this book, a lot of my mother’s words came back to me. You may still feel that there is nothing like Botox. It may show wonders on your skin at the cost of a small fortune. However, if you ask me, I would say that going the natural way is the safest and best way in this fast paced world. My thought has not changed based only on the results on my skin. I have seen many of my friends and colleagues get excellent results after trying out the tips written on this book.

I could have never imagined that there are still cheaper ways to look young in a world where styling your hair costs more than buying a pizza. I do agree that doing anything the natural way will take a bit longer to give you the desired results. However, the results achieved will surely last longer than any artificial method.


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